4 indicators that it's time to consider an ePOS system for your restaurant

Investment in technology can be problematic when you’re working with a tight budget. Whether your restaurant is a start-up or just running on a very lean infrastructure, you may struggle with the idea of allocating any of that hard earned income to an investment like a new ePOS. However, the reality is that you may be missing out if you don’t. The right ePOS system could not only make life easier but make your business more efficient and more successful. How do you know if it’s time to consider this investment? There are 4 clear signs.

1. Your existing payment system is very slow

You may already have an old POS system, or you could even be relying on cash-only payments. If you’ve begun to notice that it takes a long time to process customer payments then it might be time to move on to a new ePOS. Choice of payment options, security and speed of processing are key factors for customers when it comes to service and if you’re not delivering you may find that customers go elsewhere. Older POS systems may also make your business vulnerable to malware or hacking, which could be disastrous for business continuity and the security of customer data.

2. Your restaurant service is slow too

Slow service has a very broad impact. If you’re unable to take orders quickly – or it takes some time to get those orders from the server to the kitchen – then there will be a delay in the time it takes customers to get their food. The longer food takes to arrive, the less content customers are likely to be with the service – and the longer the queues will be for your restaurant. An ePOS system simplifies service by providing automation at essential moments and synching up communication between front of house and the kitchen. It will improve order speed and enable you to boost service levels overall, resulting in more satisfied customers.

3. Mistakes are frequent

Perhaps a dish has been taken off the menu but no one has told the servers – or maybe you’re using pads and pens to take orders but these are constantly communicated incorrectly due to bad handwriting. You may even find potential issues with staff theft or financial discrepancies that you can’t track or identify because you have no transparency over transactions. An ePOS system can be a real money saver thanks to the clarity it provides. Staff will be able to see via a mobile device whether a menu has changed and placing an order is a selection process. Staff login improves accountability and transparency and reduces opportunities for theft or dishonesty.

4. You struggle to understand your business

What are your peak times, your best selling dishes and your highest performing staff? Do you have enough insight about existing customers to create a marketing campaign that will reach a new audience? Where are you with stock and how do you manage produce ordering? If you feel like you have no real perspective over, or control of, your business an ePOS system could make a valuable difference. From gathering data on most popular dishes, to using an ePOS to manage loyalty cards or synch up with back of house systems to manage stock and staff, you’ll get a much better understanding of your business as a whole with this easy to use tech.

These are just a few of the reasons why an ePOS system is a great investment for any business. Contact us to find out more today by calling our team on 01293 789 500.

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