5 tips for increasing your restaurant efficiency

Improving efficiency is an ongoing task for those in the restaurant industry. Cutting costs and making processes and systems work harder can be a challenge no matter what the type of establishment. However, thanks to the evolution of restaurant technology there are smart ways to deal with some of the most common inefficiencies. From struggling to attract diners and manage bookings through to losing income as a result of no shows, there are some simple ways to avoid some of the most common inefficiency pitfalls.


1. Upgrade your bookings system

If you’re still using paper diaries to handle bookings then you’re leaving a lot of room for error. Upgrading to a single, unified ePOS management system has numerous advantages. Not only will you have more perspective on how many bookings there are for each sitting but making amendments, sending booking reminders to avoid no shows and adding in walk-ins and last minute reservations is easy too. Plus, you’ll be able to start collecting data that can be fed into marketing strategy to help boost future booking numbers.


2. Integrate ePOS

An ePOS system basically opens a channel of communication between the various parts of the restaurant, from payments and reservations to front of house and kitchen. This can help to improve efficiency in a myriad of ways, such as enabling more realistic stock management and increasing the speed at which orders can be processed and delivered. EPOS also provides a real time perspective on availability that is crucial for better table management.


3. Make use of waiting

Customers don’t like to be kept waiting but many are willing to do so in the right circumstances. If you don’t want to waste your walk-ins and you’re looking for ways to increase customer spend, waiting time offers many opportunities. The key is to provide somewhere comfortable that customers can wait, such as a bar area where they can order drinks and pre-dinner snacks. Use a smart technology system so that you can quantify how long the wait will be and provide an alert, whether via a device or to their smart phone, when the table is ready.


4. Go mobile

A huge 90% of people using their mobile devices to search for food end up being paying customers by the end of the day. Your business can instantly improve the efficiency of its ROI by putting that investment into mobile. From a mobile responsive website, to app booking and mobile payments, there are many processes that benefit from being given a mobile makeover.


5. Make use of the data

Data from systems such as ePOS has huge potential to transform the efficiency performance of a restaurant. Use it to refine marketing, upgrade the menu or predict no-shows and better manage booking to ensure that the restaurant is always operating at the right capacity.

Restaurant efficiency depends on multiple different factors but the quality of the technology in use has a big influence. If you’re looking to improve the way your restaurant operates, the best place to start is with an ePOS upgrade.

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