5 ways that your restaurant ePOS could improve your customer service

When customers look back on their experience with you, the customer service will be as crucial as the food. Few customers are willing to rave about a dining experience where the food was delayed or the service poor, no matter how good the dishes were. How customers experience the service at your restaurant will also have a key role to place in how they review you online and whether your restaurant is recommended to friends. So, customer service is key and an ePOS system could have a crucial role to play in helping you to improve it.

1. Improve the efficiency of your order taking

ePOS gives your business the opportunity to excel at the kind of efficiency that customers love. Orders taken at the table are communicated quickly to the kitchen so that work can begin on dish preparation straight away. It’s simple and fast to train staff to use ePOS systems and many are already familiar with the type of technology employed through daily use of their own smart phone or other devices.

2. Avoid mistakes and errors

Once staff understand how to use the ePOS system there’s far less scope for errors and mistakes than when using another order taking method, such as hand written notes. It not only looks more smart and professional for staff to be taking orders with devices but it’s easier for them to check they have the right dishes, in the right numbers, and the risk of dissatisfied customers who have not received what they ordered is much less.

3. Give customers the opportunity to order themselves

Some restaurants are already implementing systems that enable customers to use ePOS technology to place an order independently of wait staff. This can make the process of ordering more efficient and gives customers more freedom to choose the dishes they want – and to order more, as and when they choose to.

4. Centralise all your data in one place

Whether you are looking to cut costs by making efficiency changes, or need a simple way to implement daily amendments to menus, ePOS systems give you access to all the necessary data in one place. You can simplify business systems this way so that your customers benefit from a better run business. You’ll also be able to ensure that servers always have the most up to date information on what’s on the menu and what’s in the dishes on the menu. The end result is that customers get the experience – and the food and service – that they expect.

5. Online and offline mode ensures service even if the internet goes down

Some restaurants have avoided ePOS through fears of being unable to process orders and sales if the internet goes down. However, with functionality even without a connection and a local app server to ensure consistency regardless of internet quality, this is no longer an issue.

If you’d like to find out more about how ePOS could boost your customer service, contact our team today on 01293 789 500.

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