5 ways to optimise your restaurant for increased profitability

Improving efficiency and restaurant performance is essential, especially when times are lean. Greater profitability isn’t just about getting more people through the door – there are also ways to prioritise this within your business. If you’re keen to makes some changes with optimisation for profitability as the goal then these are some of the simplest ways to achieve it.

  1. Look in to offering a delivery option. Even before COVID-19 there was a significant increase in consumer interest in restaurant quality food being home delivered. Today, this could not only help to ensure that your business survives the pandemic but also provide a way to optimise the service that you offer, improve options for existing customers and attract new ones. There are lots of different ways to do this but the simplest is often to partner with a delivery service such as Deliveroo.
  2. Change your menu. If you’re still working on paper based menus then you may find this hard but it can still present a lot of opportunities for achieving increased profitability. A digital menu is much easier to update and to analyse data on dishes to identify where you could potentially streamline to improve profitability. In particular, look for ways in which your menu could become more cost efficient, whether that’s removing certain dishes to avoid food wastage or swapping out ingredients so that the profit on each portion is higher.
  3. Establish a loyalty programme. This is something that can also be very effective in terms of retaining customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding with respect to what they expect from restaurants and from service in general. This could be something as simple as getting a “thank you” at the end of a meal or more indulgent experiences and personalised options. Loyalty programmes can be a simple means of staying in touch with customers as well as rewarding them via discounts, personalisation and incentives that will encourage them to return and provide a boost to your business’ revenues.
  4. Employ technology more effectively. In particular, you might want to take the time to review where something like automation could make a big difference to the internal systems being operated within the business. Using automation software can help to ensure that staff scheduling is accurate and that changes happen in real time so that time and resources aren’t wasted on confusion. Integrating technology can also be useful when it comes to dealing with inventory management, especially if you’re keen to improve profitability by better management of food costs.
  5. Improve the way you communicate with staff. Even if your business isn’t a desk and paper based one, communication apps can help to improve efficiency by streamlining interactions between staff and management. Poor communication is often one of the top reasons why employees are unhappy at work and that can often impact on performance which directly affects profitability.

Optimising your restaurant for profitability is possible. All it takes is a few shifts in the way that you approach customers or handle staff to start seeing positive results.

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