7 ways that ePOS can reduce costs for your restaurant

ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale) is a popular solution for many restaurant businesses, large and small. This innovative technology not only provides opportunities for streamlining operations and improving customer service but also for reducing the burden of expenses. There are 7 key ways in which working with ePOS can help to reduce costs for your restaurant.

1. Automated inventory management

Inventory mistakes can be very costly, from over ordering that results in produce spoiling, to dishes that are missing ingredients. EPOS enables restaurants to introduce automated inventory by linking up ePOS software with existing back end systems so that there is a tie up between dishes sold and inventory in stock. More efficient and accurate inventory management means fewer costly mistakes and more accurate data for planning and forecasting.

2. Shorter queues

Using ePOS in your restaurant speeds up a number of key processes that can help to reduce the length of queues. From faster ordering, to quicker payment processing, customers enjoy a more efficient experience that also results in more people being seated and served. The end result is that restaurants can avoid losing business as a result of poor customer service and improve income through more efficient service.

3. Freeing up time to focus on core operations

There is a lot of data management involved in running a restaurant today and that can be costly in terms of the time it requires from senior management staff. An ePOS system can provide detailed analysis of operations at a much faster rate than manual evaluation – and often with a far greater degree of accuracy. This frees up senior staff to focus on core operations, such as future planning and expansion, ensuring that the business gets more value from investment in staff.

4. Loss prevention

Wastage, inefficiency and even theft can have a serious negative financial impact on a restaurant business. Without the general oversight of an ePOS system in place it can be difficult to identify where problems might be arising. With the use of this technology, real time inventory data, as well as information about diners and staff performance, can be combined to help identify where any loss might be arising – and to prevent it from happening again in the future.

5. Streamlining operations

Running a restaurant business involves managing a lot of different elements at the same time, from staff, to stock, to marketing and the financial side of the business. It’s easy to end up very disorganised and this creates costly inefficiency. Using ePOS helps a restaurant business to streamline and organise operations, from providing greater oversight into staff performance, to reducing service times.

6. Reducing essential costs

An ePOS system introduces choices which can be useful in reducing every day restaurant costs. For example, when a customer makes an ePOS payment they have a choice when it comes to a receipt – many will opt not to have one, which will create receipt paper savings for the business. Savings such as these can really add up over time.

7. Generating more marketing ROI

Customer data is essential for effective marketing and an ePOS system provides an effective way to obtain and organise this to ensure you get more ROI from your marketing efforts.

There are many ways in which an ePOS system could help your business do more – contact us to find out which system will work for you.

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