Adopting sustainability in hospitality for your CSR

More and more businesses in the hospitality industry are ready to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability today. With 66% of customers and 73% of millennials indicating that they are happy to spend more with brands that are pursuing a sustainable agenda there are a lot of gains to be made. If you’re looking to improve the CSR of your business and attract a wider audience, taking a more sustainable approach could be key.


Sustainability – where do you start?

There are many ways in which any restaurant can begin to switch to more sustainable practices, from opting for renewable energy sources to proactively reducing food waste. But what about integrating technology in order to ensure those all important sustainability savings?

  • Point of sale technology. One of the major benefits of investing in effective point of sale technology is that it is paper free. Receipts alone account for 1.5 billion pounds of paper waste annually in the restaurant sector so you can make big sustainability – and cash – savings by moving to ePOS instead.
  • Kitchen displays. Making your kitchen a paper free zone by opting for digital displays is another way to help boost your profile for corporate social responsibility. Not only will you be minimising paper waste but you’ll also reduce your own expenditure, as there won’t be any paper costs to meet.
  • Scheduling and payroll. Another process that is crucial to the restaurant industry is staff scheduling. This is frequently handled manually by posting paper rotas in staff areas. These paper rotas may require several drafts before they are released to staff and are enormously wasteful. Using scheduling software instead can be more sustainable as well as more efficient. The same goes for the switch to payroll software, which can eliminate the need for paper, such as payslips, timesheets or paper tax documents and give your restaurant’s sustainability credentials a boost.
  • Introducing digital feedback forms. Customer feedback can be an essential component in enabling your business to evolve and develop a loyal consumer base. However, feedback forms can be unappealing to customers today, not just those who are focused on sustainability issues but others who are keen to use their smart phone as opposed to pen and paper. We like using our phones to complete tasks today and you are more likely to get feedback from your customers if you reach out to them in this way.
  • Improving inventory tracking. Inventory management systems that integrate with ePOS enable any business to considerably reduce food waste by better management of stock. This could be in removing unpopular dishes from the menu or ensuring that ingredients don’t get purchased and then go unused.
  • Making your marketing more sustainable. Connecting up an ePOS system with a CRM provides a wealth of opportunities for eliminating paper from the marketing process. Communications, from discounts and promotions to educational content, can all be targeted and managed digitally instead.

If you’re keen to improve your restaurant’s sustainability profile there is plenty of smart technology out there to help you do it.

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