Back to basics: How can stock management improve customer loyalty?

In the restaurant sector, the factors that have the most influence over customer loyalty are not always the most obvious. Often, it’s the behind-the-scenes elements of the business that enable the perfect dish to be served or the best service to be provided. Stock management is one of those often-underestimated elements that are essential to promoting customer loyalty. It can hold the key to everything, from ensuring that customers can always enjoy their favourite dish to underpinning the operational efficiency that enables pricing that appeals to your target audience.


The importance of stock management

For any business, providing a consistent customer experience is crucial to building loyalty – and stock management is essential to that. Ordering and receiving stock, as well as menu planning and stock control aren’t the most glamorous of roles but provide a foundation on which great food and service can be delivered. When stock management is effective, the business is operationally efficient. Wherever and whenever customers decide to dine with your restaurant they will always receive the same positive, consistent experience.


Who benefits from stock management?

Operationally, stock management makes everyone’s lives easier because no one has to deal with scarcity or confusion when it comes to the most essential components in the product: the stock. The kitchen always has what it needs to meet demand and management doesn’t have to continuously step in to deal with complaints or issues that arise as a result of dishes that aren’t available or customers who aren’t happy. Better stock management benefits everyone in the business:



Happy customers are easier to deal with and are much more likely to tip staff. Everyone in the kitchen can do their job and morale isn’t impacted by dishes that are being sent back for being incomplete or not as advertised.



Happy employees are essential to the smooth running of any business and most employers understand the value of an engaged workforce that has the resources it needs to do a great job. Consistent stock management that creates happy customers also contributes to positive reputation building.



When customer expectations are met – or exceeded – that’s when businesses begin to thrive. That’s especially so if it happens every time customers choose your restaurant over any other. Customers get an enjoyable experience and trust that it will be the same every time they return.


Stock management and ePOS

Integrating ePOS technology makes stock management simple. Every aspect of successful management is covered, from ordering through to menu planning and multiple opportunities for automation (e.g. matching invoices with orders) can help save time and improve efficiency. Predictive ordering helps to avoid over ordering and the oversight that ePOS provides into stock control ensures that potential waste is minimised, helping to improve margins.

Working with an ePOS system will optimise stock management for any business, not just as a result of the efficiency it introduces but also the transparency it provides. The end result is that the business functions more efficiently, customer experience is consistent and diner loyalty is virtually guaranteed.

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