Back to basics: Using technology to enhance restaurant service

Ultimately, restaurant service is always going to work best with a human element involved. However, technology offers multiple ways to optimise the service that you provide to your customers to help achieve a competitive advantage and encourage consumers to return. If you’re keen to enhance your restaurant service with some tech support then there are a number of different options that may be appropriate – combining these with well-trained staff can be a recipe for success.


Is there such a thing as too much technology?

Many restaurants looking at implementing tech solutions to help enhance restaurant service can take this too far. This shows a fairly deep misunderstanding of what customers really want from their dining experience. In some locations now, it’s possible to order and pay for a meal entirely without the input of staff. While this might work well for diners who know exactly what they want it can be a limiting experience for those who are used to being able to ask for recommendations or who have questions about dishes or choices on the menu.  It may also involve the addition of a substantial amount of technology to the restaurant dining table, such as tablets from which to make menu or music choices. This doesn’t always create an environment that diners particularly appreciate – recent research found that 62% of customers don’t feel like it’s appropriate to use a mobile phone while in a restaurant, indicating that technology is not always welcome. For many diners, it’s much more about enjoying the restaurant experience and technology can often distract from that.


Getting the balance right

It’s crucial for any restaurant keen to enhance its service to get the balance right between technology and staff.  There are many ways in which technology can improve customer experience, from reducing waiting times for food to making it easier to pay at the end of the meal. What’s essential is to find a way to provide a full service experience for customers where technology is supportive, as opposed to overwhelming. An ePOS system is a great example of how technology can be used to enhance restaurant service. It can contribute to a better experience for customers in a number of different ways, including:

  • Mobile service. With an ePOS system staff are fully mobile and customers don’t have to leave their table, either to order or pay. This can help to reduce the time it takes to get orders to the kitchen and provides instant payment via a wide range of options, from credit card to Apple Pay.
  • Improving the customer experience. EPOS puts key information at the fingertips of staff, enabling them to answer customer queries and questions on everything, from the best sides to go with a main dish to the potential allergens on the menu.
  • Insights for planning and marketing. Using ePOS technology will also generate a significant volume of data that can be used for purposes such as menu planning and marketing campaigns designed to give customers more of what they want from restaurant service.

Technology has a lot to contribute to restaurant service – as long as you invest in the right type of tech.

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