Can ePOS help improve your restaurant business through gathering helpful information?

An ePOS system has obvious advantages as a way of efficiently controlling the business and customer dining experience. However, this is not the only benefit that using electronic point of sale systems has for a restaurant business. An ePOS system can do a lot more than just process and record sales data – it can also gather key information that provides more insight into your customers and can help to inform better business and marketing decisions going forward. Here are some key insights that ePOS can provide about your restaurant:

Payment methods

With the data gathered by an ePOS you’ll be able to identify customer preferences when it comes to payment methods. So, you’ll be able to see whether customers are paying with contactless debit cards, using credit cards or opting for cash instead. Facilitating customer preferences will help to generate more loyalty and ongoing custom for your restaurant.

Employee performance

An ePOS system will usually require employees to log in to use it and so is a natural source of information on employee activity and which employees are the busiest. Among other things you’ll be able to see how much time employees take when it comes to processing sales. This can be fed into changes to improve customer experience and may highlight areas where staff require more training.

Volume of sales

From the data gathered by your ePOS system you’ll be able to see the volume of sales your business is achieving, as well as the timing of those sales. This kind of insight can be crucial to ensuring that your staff scheduling is correct and can also be fed into decisions about stock purchasing and kitchen rotas. You’ll be able to work out when your peak times are, and to look at the factors that have an influence over those spikes in volume – and whether they could be replicated during quieter moments.

Customer profiles

An ePOS system can collect some essential data on your customers that will enable you to get a better understanding of who they are and what they want from your business. You’ll often be able to see name, address and contact information and to start building up key customer profiles that can be used to better inform marketing strategy and help you focus your resources on reaching your ideal audience.

Customer engagement

Simple data gathered from an ePOS system can help you to establish new ways to create better customer engagement. Many businesses choose to use their ePOS systems to manage loyalty cards, for example, which can provide a wealth of data on customers, from favourite dishes through to when they prefer to visit. All of this information helps to create a more personalised experience for the customer that they are more likely to respond positively to. It can also contribute to successfully encouraging your existing customers to try new experiences at your restaurant.

These are just some of the key insights that the information gathered by an ePOS system will be able to deliver. Contact Comtrex today to find the ideal ePOS system for your restaurant to start taking advantage of these benefits today.

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