Could mobile ePOS be the optimum choice for your restaurant?

Mobile ePOS technology has a lot to offer restaurants. From efficiency savings through to enabling businesses to incorporate technology and make processes more consistent, mobile ePOS works in every restaurant environment. Could it be the optimum choice for yours?

Improving order efficiency

Being able to take and process orders correctly and efficiently is such a simple step – and yet it makes all the difference to customer service and satisfaction. Mobile ePOS means that orders can be taken from any location in the restaurant. This reduces opportunities for orders to be lost or forgotten and means that staff can instantly record any changes or additions to what customers have asked for.

Reducing the burden of start-up costs

Getting started with mobile ePOS requires an iPad or iPhone and an internet connection. There is no initial up front investment in expensive equipment, such as workstations or computers, as you can work with the tech you already have. This can be cost saving and space saving too. All you’ll need to make room for in the restaurant in terms of hardware will be a router, payment hardware and any necessary printers.

Upgrading customer service

Working with mobile ePOS puts information about menus and ingredients at the fingertips of your waiters and waitresses. This means they are better placed to answer questions and pass on essential information that will contribute to a positive customer experience. For example, many customers with allergies find it frustrating to have to ask questions about which dishes they can eat and wait for responses from the kitchen before ordering. Servers using mobile ePOS will have all this information instantly to hand.

Going up a gear in terms of speed

With mobile ePOS, orders are transmitted straight to the kitchen the moment they are placed. A designated printer produces a hard copy of the order that goes straight into the hands of those who need to start work on it, improving the speed at which dishes are produced. Mobile ePOS can also speed up payments, as payment can often be taken by the device, reducing the wait time that customers have when it comes to paying.

Organising floor and table plans

A mobile ePOS device should give you the tools to help with better table management. From dealing with changes to customer numbers attached to individual reservations, to making sure that any changes to table and floor plans are communicated to all those who need to know about them, mobile ePOS puts seating organisation and reorganisation within easy reach.

Adapting to menu changes

The process of making changes to menus happens every day and is often inefficiently handled. However, with mobile ePOS, changes are incredibly simple to implement so that everyone always has the right information – managers with login credentials can do this remotely from wherever they are and the updates are instant.

If you’d like to find out more about mobile ePOS technology and the role it could have in transforming your business, contact a member of our team.

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