Cutting costs for your restaurant through using ePOS technology

Streamlining operations can make a big difference to the bottom line of any business. In the restaurant industry, where costs can inflate quickly and it’s often difficult to see where the biggest expenses are, acquiring the perspective to streamline can be tough. However, thanks to ePOS technology, the insight and understanding you need to bring down costs in your restaurant is in your hands.


Improving speed of service

Slow service costs a restaurant money, whether it’s refunds as a result of complaints or diners who leave because they can’t get a table. ePOS technology improves speed of service significantly, making processes more efficient and reducing the potential for order mistakes that have cost implications in terms of reputation and food waste.


Better customer experience

Customers are a key revenue source but if efforts to attract them and encourage them to return are wasted then they can represent a significant loss. The simplest way to ensure customer loyalty is to deliver a better customer experience and ePOS technology has a big role to play in that. From giving customers a range of options when it comes to payment, to being able to provide instant information on allergens and ingredients, ePOS systems enable restaurants to better meet customer need.


Effective inventory management

Handling inventory is another key area where costs can be significant. From wasted food through to under-buying mistakes that affect a service, poor inventory management can be expensive. Integrating an ePOS system provides the opportunity to improve inventory management so it is a source of efficient support and not wasted expense.


Reducing manual processes

Manual processes generate cost in terms of human resources and often result in chaos if people are working in different ways or lose track of what they were doing. ePOS technology helps to save on the cost of staff by using automation for key processes, such as auto-updating menus and auto-accepting orders online. It can enable a business to streamline its workforce and to give staff more opportunity to add value, as well as keeping track of what is being done.


Integration with other systems

When you link up ePOS with other key systems, such as accounting software or a CRM, it becomes much easier to maintain perspective over financial operations. From end of year tax requirements through to generating an accurate picture of how the business is performing, and what its projections are, using ePOS in combination with other systems provides a unique opportunity to stop wasting time and resources by joining all this data up.


Data and tracking

ePOS is a rich data source that can provide information that can be used to make menu changes, better tailor marketing or improve customer experience to reduce cost and drive up revenues. Analysing data can also enable costly discrepancies to be spotted early and quickly dealt with, whether these are mistakes in stock orders or even employee theft.

The right ePOS system provides a range of opportunities to cut costs and streamline restaurant operations. We can help you to find ePOS technology that is a great fit. Contact us to find out more today.

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