Dining trends for 2019: What should we expect this year?

We’re now well into the first quarter of 2019, which is the ideal time to start looking ahead at what the year might hold in terms of trends. A diverse range of influences, from technology through to the impact of Brexit and the ideas and themes that gathered pace in 2018 all have the potential to create new and exciting dining trends. So, what can we expect from this year?


Connected dining

“Uncertainty” has become a very popular word over the last six months. From political uncertainty to the fact that no one knows what’s going to happen to the economy or the housing market, there has been a lot of it around. So, food trends that comfort are likely to be big this year. Not just comfort foods but connected dining too i.e. food experiences that bring people together to share a meal and help distract from the anxieties of the time. Being able to deliver a restaurant experience which stands out to customers is a great way to encourage return business and customer loyalty.


Food with a back-story

The food industry is much more transparent than it has ever been and part of this is being driven by consumers who have much more interest in where their food has come from than has ever been the case before. 2018 saw the beginning of this journey as more people started to ask questions about the provenance of produce and the conditions experienced by the animals being used to produce their dairy or meat. This is driving a number of micro trends too, from seasonal eating through to nose to tail cookery. The back-story of the food has become part of the experience of eating it and this year the context is likely to become even more important.


Creativity and innovation

A couple of years ago it was just the big, bold chefs like Heston Blumenthal who were taking the culinary risks. However, creative and innovative food has become something of a trend as social media channels provide a platform for anyone to share their work and build a profile as a result. This trend is partly about the taste and partly to do with aesthetics – we eat first with our eyes after all. Expect dishes that challenge the senses and involve the use of unusual bright, bold shades that you might be more used to seeing in a paint box than on a plate.


British dishes

Brexit is impossible to ignore right now and very few people have a good word to say about it. However, one of the more positive outcomes of this being the Brexit Year is that we’re likely to see more of a focus on British cuisine. Locally sourced ingredients are going to soar in popularity as we all look for ways to support British brands and businesses.


Sustainability in all things

As consumers we are all more environmentally conscious today and that includes an awareness of how the way we shop and eat affects the planet. Sustainability is a big trend for 2019, as we all look to be less wasteful and make choices that are more environmentally sound.

These are just some of the food trends that are likely to peak in 2019. Although the year holds a lot of uncertainty in many ways, in culinary terms it could be exciting.

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