Essential kitchen technology for restaurants

Technology has had an enormous influence on the restaurant sector over the past decade. As innovation continues to produce solutions designed for operational efficiency, many businesses are also under pressure to invest in technology to meet customer expectations on everything, from ease of order to payment choices. There are also a lot of benefits to investing in essential kitchen technology, from greater efficiency to infrastructure that allows a business to focus less on admin and more on great service and awesome food.

Point of Sale touchscreen technology

The Point of Sale terminal is an essential in the restaurant industry today. Touchscreens are simple to use and easy to understand - they simplify the order process so that more orders can be generated in less time. Comtrex POS terminals are fanless and so suffer from less downtime and use Windows-driven restaurant software for the best in customisable, intuitive and easy to use features and functionality.

Handheld Point of Sale terminals

Efficiency not only enables a business to save money but also helps to improve service and ongoing relationships with customers. When it comes to technology, handheld Point of Sale terminals are the most obvious efficiency investment. Staff can take orders directly at tables and process payments too, reducing waiting times for customers and increasing the potential for a good experience that means people will want to return. Comtrex smart terminals are a secure, all in one solution with the facility for ordering plus accepting all major payment types.

The kitchen screen

Handwritten tickets – or even printed paper – can be problematic in a chaotic environment like the kitchen. Screens make it much easier to stay on top of orders and are also much more environmentally friendly as they are 100% digital. Some systems also offer options for viewing and reporting on kitchen production and performance.


In an ideal world the restaurant environment could be entirely digital. However, the reality often is that customers want a paper receipt to take home with them. Printers can be essential restaurant technology when it comes to customers wanting proof of purchase. They may also have a key role to play in the kitchen if your team can’t afford, or doesn’t want to use, a touchscreen. If you’re going to invest in a kitchen printer then opting for an impact printer, which is extra loud, will ensure that orders never get missed.

Self service ordering

Increasingly, the idea of self-service is in demand with consumers and many restaurant businesses are adapting to keep up. Self-service kiosks often appeal to consumers because they provide more control over the order process. They also allow for easier menu review and ordering customisation.

As customer expectations increasingly involve outcomes that require technology to achieve, investing in this type of infrastructure for your restaurant is a smart move. From the simplicity of printers to the efficiency and handheld Point of Sale terminals and the opportunities presented by self-service, there are multiple options to improve customer engagement with investment in essential kitchen technology.

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