How can a bespoke ePOS save money for your business?

An ePOS system has become an essential tool in the restaurant business today. It not only enables customer payment expectations to be met but also offers a range of different functions that can help to better support the business, whether that’s in marketing or optimising staff schedules. A bespoke ePOS system that has been specifically designed for your business has more to offer than an off the shelf option for a number of key reasons.


The need for cutting edge innovation

Out of date technology can be frustrating for consumers these days and may end up being the reason that your tables aren’t full. For example, you need an ePOS today that can accept card payments but also other, newer contactless options, such as Apple Pay.  That’s especially so for a high traffic business likely to be processing high volumes of transactions during peak time. A bespoke ePOS system can be designed to include the latest features and updates so that you don’t lose customers to competitors who are more cutting edge.


Making the right choices

A bespoke ePOS system is designed for a specific business and a great deal of preparation and research goes into understanding the business and its customers before the system is created and installed. This ensures that the system is not only fit for purpose but also enables an individual enterprise to optimise processes and resources available thanks to this smart tech infrastructure.


Avoiding a mismatch

An off the shelf ePOS system is designed to be as generic as possible so that it will broadly appeal to as wide a range of businesses as possible. So, it can be used by a mobile sandwich truck or a well established five star restaurant. However, this inevitably means that there will be some features that are simply not useful to your business and others – those that you might need – that are not there. A bespoke ePOS ensures that the system you have in place is a good fit for the business and the technology is not mismatched to the products and services that you’re looking to provide.


Set up costs included

When you make the decision to opt for a bespoke ePOS system this often means that installation of the system comes as part of the up front cost. You may also get support from the provider on an ongoing basis. This can help to save money, as you won’t need to pay engineers separately to install the system – or to answer any questions you may have. It can also ensure that you’re able to get up and running more quickly and that there is less downtime to deal with.

Ultimately, if you choose a bespoke ePOS for your business then you’re getting a system that has been individually tailored to support what you do. From avoiding operational issues to reducing installation timeframes and providing optimisation options on an ongoing basis there are many reasons why this can be more advantageous in the long run.

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