How can ePOS help your restaurant have a seamless Christmas period?

Christmas is traditionally a very busy time for the restaurant industry. While economic fears and uncertainty over Brexit have certainly had an impact on trade, this time of the year is still robust. And this presents operational challenges for any restaurant. If you want to ensure that your business makes the most of the seasonal uplift an ePOS system can help you to do it.


Be the first choice for Christmas parties

The data collected by ePOS and connected systems, such as rewards programmes, can be crucial when it comes to competing for lucrative Christmas parties and seasonal business. This data allows for personalisation of marketing communications, which is a key component in attracting business from those who may have a lot of options to choose from.


Using technology to drive up average diner spend

The use of ePOS frees up the attention of wait staff so that they can spend more time with diners and have more information at their fingertips. This provides more opportunity to upsell and increase diner spend and means that orders are processed much more quickly. Many restaurants are now also starting to use ePOS for self-ordering and there is plenty of evidence to suggest that customers who self-order tend to spend more by essentially upselling to themselves.


Providing up to date info for allergies and dietary requirements

Big groups over the Christmas season can bring headaches for restaurants when it comes to dietary requirements and catering for those with allergies. Getting it wrong may mean wasting food, replacing meals and losing customers, all of which can be chaotic and costly. An ePOS system ensures that wait staff always have the correct information about allergens at their fingertips. Changes can quickly be made to orders to accommodate last minute enquiries or additions and diners won’t end up with food that is going to make them ill simply because there was no data on the menu or the server wrote a complex order down incorrectly.


Increasing speed of service with ePOS can boost revenue too

When you use ePOS in your restaurant then you increase the connectedness between front of house and back. Communication between the two is instant and seamless and there is no chance of any information getting lost, as might be the case with manual tickets. Orders are processed efficiently so that, even with additional group bookings or higher customer numbers due to the Christmas period, the business still functions seamlessly.

With this type of resource efficiency in place you’ll also be able to optimise the opportunities for revenue generation during the Christmas period. Table management, processing orders, amending orders and efficient payment can all be accommodated via ePOS, saving precious minutes in which another table could be seated and served.

For those restaurants looking to achieve more during the busy Christmas season this year, it makes sense to invest in the structure of ePOS. From driving up sales, to better organising data and orders, ePOS provides a way to improve both service and results. Get in touch with Comtrex today to find out more.

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