How can independent restaurants benefit from a unique ePOS?

There is huge enthusiasm among consumers when it comes to supporting independent restaurants today. In an increasingly competitive dining market many choose to consciously opt for establishments that aren’t operating under the marketing infrastructure – and with the resources of – a big brand name. It’s the uniqueness of an independent restaurant that often secures its appeal among diners – crucial to optimising this is ensuring that you have the operational infrastructure in place to allow your business to retain its character as it grows.


The benefits of a unique ePOS

The first question to address is what is a unique ePOS? As many independent restaurant owners have found, there are a range of ePOS options out there. However, many of the most generic, out of the box solutions are simply not appropriate for an independent brand. They may stifle growth, instead of nurturing it, and make it feel like it’s necessary to change your existing operations in order to accommodate this technology. However, the reality is that if you opt for a unique ePOS you’re getting bespoke support that will enable you to run with your business’ strengths instead of struggling with its differences. These are just some of the advantages of this type of system:

  • All in one and simplified. For any business owner, simplicity can make life a lot easier. An all in one ePOS that combines both ordering and payment, is mobile and compact, and lightweight enough for staff to carry around, opens up a wealth of opportunities for improving and speeding up service.
  • A broad range of payment options. Does your existing ePOS allow you to cater to any customer taste where payment options are concerned? Finding a system that means you can accept everything, from contactless to Apple Pay, chip and pin to Android Pay can considerably simplify the process of customer transactions. That’s especially so if all of those options are available from the same device.
  • User-friendly functionality. A complicated ePOS system that requires in-depth set up, a high volume of staff training and which has confusing functionality can generate more problems than it solves. The right ePOS will offer a stress free setup that allows easy integration into your business with minimal disruption. Being able to hit the ground running with new technology is essential for any independent restaurant looking to remain competitive, especially when it comes to key functions such as ordering and payment.
  • Access to “chain” technology. A unique ePOS system can enable your independent business to have access to the technology that many chain businesses benefit from – without the same level of investment or resources required. From more effective ordering to speeding up delivery of dishes, reducing queues and increasing customer service thanks to more convenient payment options, you can ensure that your business remains competitive with much larger brands.

These are just some of the benefits of a unique ePOS for any independent restaurant looking to make an investment in technology that will support the business and enable it to thrive. 

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