How can your ePOS system help with your restaurant's marketing?

The foundations of successful marketing today are built on a deeper understanding of customer behaviour and insight into preferences. An ePOS system can enable your business to gain more perspective on its customers, as well as making it easier to handle multi channel selling and managing promotional initiatives to drive interest in, and customers to, your business. While a good ePOS system is essential for efficient payment taking and linking up head office and back office infrastructure, it also has a lot to contribute when it comes to your restaurant’s marketing too.

Data management

Data is the golden ticket to a better understanding of who your customers are, what they want and how you can better engage them with your business. However, data tends to come in large volumes and can be unwieldy to organise, making it difficult to analyse for insight. An ePOS system can manage data that has been gathered from a very wide range of different sources, whether that’s promotions and bookings, feedback forms or ecommerce website searches. With well organised data you’ll be able to dip into your customer analysis when it comes to creating marketing campaigns or structuring offers and have access to behaviours, preferences and history for your customers.

Loyalty cards

Customers love loyalty cards and they can be a powerful tool for attracting new business and encouraging customers to return. Managing loyalty cards is something that an ePOS system can do very effectively – in fact, many businesses run their loyalty card schemes through their ePOS systems. There are efficiency advantages to this but also the opportunity to generate more customer insight. Loyalty cards can reveal a lot about customers, such as what kind of foods they prefer and when they are most likely to dine out. An ePOS system captures this data and makes it available to help with ongoing marketing activities.

Integrating ecommerce

Many restaurants choose to venture into ecommerce at some point to expand their market and increase the potential for revenue. Whether you’re selling cookbooks or branded items, adding an ecommerce element can feel like setting up a whole new business in addition to the one you already have. However, if you’re using an ePOS system then this process is considerably simplified. Ecommerce can be integrated with an existing ePOS system and you’ll be able to view and manage everything from a single location.

Managing multiple channels

As your restaurant expands you may find that you’re reaching customers via more and more channels. From online, to pop ups, with each channel that you add to your business there will be additional stock and sales to consider. EPOS is an enabler when it comes to expanding into new channels and managing them successfully. It will not only allow you to view data for each one but to design marketing initiatives based on channel performance.

An ePOS system can bring much more to your business than purely enabling swift and efficient payment taking. Contact us to find out how your business could benefit.

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