How important is consistency in the hospitality industry?

The short answer is that consistency is incredibly important in the hospitality industry. Customer experience can determine whether someone returns to your establishment or not – and if that is different every time then people simply may not want to risk a negative experience. Whether your business is struggling to attract customers, or you’re looking to grow your existing audience into a new segment, achieving consistency is crucial. So what does it mean to be consistent in the hospitality sector, and why does it matter?


Ensuring that customers will return again and again

In the hospitality sector it’s important to be realistic about customer loyalty. Today, most consumers have a great deal of choice when it comes to where to eat, drink or stay. Loyalty is something that has to be earned and the majority of customers are pretty fickle in terms of where they like to spend their cash. Inconsistent experiences are one of the most off-putting factors for customers when it comes to deciding whether or not to return to a restaurant.

For example, you may have delivered exceptional food and high quality customer service on one occasion but if the customer returns again and the experience is entirely different it’s highly unlikely that they will come back. If you’re looking to build genuine customer loyalty for the long-term, ensuring consistency of product and experience is key.


Living up to expectations

Consumers today have pretty high expectations. The hospitality market is fairly saturated and it’s difficult for businesses to distinguish themselves when it comes to standing out from the competition. Being able to live up to customer expectations is one way to make your offering stand out in the minds of consumers – and that means making sure that you’re delivering when it comes to consistency. If customers come with expectations of great food, efficient service, positive atmosphere and good value – and you provide this every time – you’ll be much more able to compete in today’s overcrowded hospitality market.


Word of mouth referrals

Individual recommendations remain the most valuable when it comes to attracting new customers to businesses in the hospitality industry. 92% of consumers believe suggestions from friends and family more than advertising. Unfortunately, word of mouth referrals can also be incredibly difficult to nurture. Consistency is a key part of this – customers will only recommend your business to their friends and family if they know that the experience will be as good for them as it was for the customer themselves.


Building reputation

Consistency is also crucial when it comes to creating a reputation that will attract people to your business. Online reviews, for example, are a great source of information for consumers looking for hospitality businesses to try. If some of those reviews are glowing while others are less than positive this indicates an inconsistent experience that most will be unlikely to take a risk on.

Being able to provide a consistently excellent service for customers is crucial to success in the hospitality industry today. Technology has a big role to play in this – integrating an ePOS system, for example, can help you regain control and remove inconsistencies in service and payment to ensure that the experience is the same for every customer, every time.

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