How is technology changing the future of POS?

Customer experience is now the focus for businesses across all sectors. While other factors, such as operational efficiency, remain important it is customer experience that differentiates one brand from another and which has the potential to have the most impact on revenue and growth. Technology is fundamentally altering the way businesses are able to shape customer experience and, in sectors such as hospitality and food, this is bringing change to the way that POS is developing.

The need for greater security

The combination of a greater number of threats to technology infrastructure and an increase in the volume of data that a POS system can collect and process has meant security is much more of a priority as POS develops. New compliance requirements have made secure POS data processing a necessity and many POS systems have evolved as a result. For example, a large number of POS vendors have now minimised storage of card details on apps, systems and networks, integrating and linking to certified payment gateways instead. Security is a crucial factor for any technology today and will continue to shape the development of POS in the years to come.

Mobile first

Although mobile POS technology already exists, in the near future it is likely to become a much more dominant influence. Mobile has a lot of benefits when it comes to creating a better customer experience. Using mobile POS means a significant improvement in the speed of service that customers receive and convenience is improved too. Staff with mobile POS can become brand ambassadors equipped with key information and data that can be used to improve the experience customers have of the business. From order to payment, service becomes more seamless. Plus, more opportunities for personalisation of service exist, from “recognising” guests from a previous visit through to remembering catering to dietary requirements. As mobile technology evolves it’s likely that POS systems will be on the front line of that change.

Applying data science

Data is crucial, both to the future of technology and also the way that customer facing businesses are evolving. We have designed systems to capture and analyse data that can then be used to improve operations and internal infrastructure. In particular, the data collected by POS can be used to optimise forecasting and inventory with the potential to save significant costs. As the data science evolves it’s likely that we will see systems that are able to improve efficiency for both front of house and behind the scenes staff, for example optimising the way the kitchen is run.

AI and biometrics

Although still in the development stages, there is the potential for advances in technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and biometrics to help shape the future of POS too. Biometrics have the potential to help brands shape increasingly personalised experiences while AI and chatbots could be the future of self-service ordering.

POS technology is fast moving and at the cutting edge of development. Its growth over the next few years will reflect the broader changes to the way technology is heavily influencing our world. Get in touch with Comtrex on + 44 (0) 1293 789 500 today to find out more.

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