How much does the speed of service impact the overall dining experience?

The short answer to that question is that it can depend on who is doing the dining. However, whether Baby Boomers or Millennials, the speed with which customer needs are attended to is always going to have at least some impact on how they feel about the experience as a whole. Whether your business is keen to widen its audience, or looking for ways to improve customer loyalty, service speed could be a key component in achieving your goals.


Millennials have a different idea of service

As the generation that has grown up with technology, it’s probably no surprise that Millennials take a different view of service than those in the generations before. For this group, technology is a problem solver and an experience enhancer. If it can be used to improve the speed of service so that the experience is more enjoyable for the diner, this group would find it difficult to understand why a restaurant wouldn’t invest in it. Millennials are not pre-disposed to wait – they expect speed and convenience. So, if this is the generation that you’re keen to capture, speed of service could have a very big impact indeed.


Technology is increasing expectations across the board

Self-directed, pay-at-the-table technology is arriving into the restaurant sector and more and more dining spots now offer mobile payments and innovative service options. As a result, customers are becoming used to swifter service at the table, from instantly available information about ingredients and allergens through to quick payments. An ePOS solution, which enables almost instant communication between front of house and the kitchen, has minimised the time it takes to get orders out so that customers now don’t expect to have to wait. Slow service can have a significant negative impact on experience as a result of these expectations.


Swift service can really enhance customer experience

It’s not just the food and the ambiance that customers rate when they are dining out – service is just as important. While slow service can generate negative reviews as a result of unmet expectations, fast service can have the opposite effect. This starts as soon as a customer walks into the restaurant. Being quickly seated, whether it’s an individual or a group and whether they have booked or just walked in, is the first way that brands can win brownie points in terms of customer experience. After that, the speed at which orders are taken, when the food arrives, how quickly the plates are cleared and the efficiency of payment taking are key elements in the overall experience that customers have.

There’s no doubt that speed of service has a big role to play in the way that customers experience a restaurant. Investing in an ePOS solution can help to deliver improved customer service that meets expectations when it comes to speed. It could be one of the key components in helping brands to build loyalty with customers, as well as a reputation for providing a great dining experience.

Comtrex’s ePOS system has helped a huge number of restaurants to improve their speed of service. Take a look at our ePOS system to find out more.

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