How to find an ePOS system which encourages growth

The right ePOS system will not only provide functionality for your business but also actively promote and encourage growth. This technology has been developed to support better customer support and faster transactions and also to make many of the behind the scenes functions of a business more efficient and more useful when it comes to making key operational decisions. However, much of this depends on the ePOS system that you choose – so how do you find one that will encourage growth within your business?


Look at engagement between staff and customers

It’s important not to make a decision about an ePOS system in isolation from the reality of your business. You could buy the latest and most impressive technology only to find that it results in an interface that is too complex for staff to use or that, in reality, it means your workforce is spending more time with the technology than your customers. For example, what would work best for your business – portable devices or a fixed till?


Are you doing enough with your data?

Many restaurants are now beginning to realise what data has to offer when it comes to informing better business decision making. You might already be aware of your best-selling dishes but this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the insight that you can get from a great ePOS system. If you opt for a cloud-based system then you’ll have access to real time data from across your business, whether that is with respect to sales or customer management. This can open up a wealth of opportunities for encouraging growth, whether that relates to marketing or your menu.


Does the system support scaling?

Decisions about ePOS may be made in a rush and driven by the desire to be able to just use the software right now. However, it’s essential to ensure that you think about how this particular system is going to support your business into the future. If you plan to expand your business, is the ePOS that you choose going to support this kind of scaling in a swift and efficient way?


Don’t be distracted by features

When you’re looking at the various features on offer make sure that you choose an ePOS that has features that serve a purpose within your business. Otherwise you may end up with a system so broad and complex that half of the features aren’t really relevant to what you do. Some of the key features for businesses in the restaurant sector, for example, might be stock control, reporting functions and data analytics features, support with vouchers and opportunities for integrating your digital presence.

The right ePOS system for your business will be one that is tailored to it and which supports scaling and growth, insight and analytics, without requiring extras and effort. With a great system in place there is so much more that your business can do.

If you’re looking for an ePOS solution which meets the bespoke requirements of your business to help encourage growth, Comtrex can help. Our ePOS solutions are tailored around our clients’ needs, helping them to expand their business and enhance profitability. View our range of ePOS solutions online today.

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