How to provide exceptional customer service through your ePOS system

Satisfied customers are fundamental to business success – you just can’t get far without them. Great service not only increases the chances of customer satisfaction but also gives your customers a reason to return and also to recommend your business to others. Your ePOS system can be transformative when it comes to customer service, improving speed and efficiency and helping to give everyone a better overall experience with your business.

A wider range of payment options

Providing customers with more ways to pay improves convenience in store and this is a foundation of customer satisfaction. With an ePOS system you can provide a variety of different options, from mobile servers through to a traditional till point or a self service facility. Wireless payments and the choice of different types of currency or cards make it simple and fast for customers to process their payments when they’re ready to leave.

Improving the speed of service

A single till point within any establishment means one thing: queues. And there is nothing that most customers hate more than having to stand in line. With an ePOS system transactions are faster and can be completed on the move thanks to the range of mobile options. EPOS also has an impact on how quickly one part of the business is able to communicate with the other, for example front of house and stockroom in a retail store, or front of house and kitchen in a restaurant. Orders and requests can be quickly processed so that customers get what they’re looking for more quickly.

Upgrading the quality of service

When staff are trained to use ePOS they are able to help customers there and then without the requirement to go off and consult or to wait for someone more senior to arrive. For example, in a restaurant context a server will be able to see instantly which dishes contain gluten or nuts, providing swift answers to customer questions and enabling that person to order straight away without feeling like they are causing a problem. The data gathered from an ePOS system can also be used to help improve the quality of service, informing decisions to provide more of what customers enjoy and less of what they are not interested in.

A more streamlined layout

If you’re using ePOS then you can streamline your set up to create a tidier and more aesthetically appealing environment for your customers. Handheld devices replace paper pads and pens in a restaurant, for example, and product information is available at the touch of a button, as opposed to via extensive in-store displays or menus.

Personalising the experience

The data from an ePOS system can provide a wealth of opportunities for personalisation, especially if tied into something like a loyalty card scheme. With insight into what products your customers favour and the choices that they regularly make, you’ll be able to tailor offers and incentives to their individual experiences so that interactions with your business are more satisfying.

An ePOS system is an essential investment for any business looking to excel at customer service – contact us to find out more.

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