How to save time with your restaurant ePOS

Running a restaurant is not exactly a 9 – 5 career. There are so many different functions involved, from staff scheduling through to inventory and menu planning, that you could spend 24 hours a day working if you really wanted to. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to the evolution of technology there are now opportunities to get some of this time back. In particular, investing in an ePOS for your business can make a big difference – potentially freeing up 30 hours a week - in a number of key ways.


Reporting and data

An ePOS that works with a cloud infrastructure can make a significant difference to how much time you have to spend on key areas of the business. Perhaps most importantly, it will allow you secure access – wherever you are – to essential information that might be necessary to make business decisions. That could be data about inventory or staff or it might be reports about how recent changes to the menu have performed. With the right ePOS there are no delays so you can be much more efficient when it comes to planning and decision making.


Staff schedules

This aspect of management can take up two hours a week for 50% of business owners. However, if you’re dealing with a seriously complex or sizeable staff then it could be more like 10 or 12. When you are working with an ePOS system that is the right option for your business then this instantly becomes much more straightforward. Scheduling tools not only make organisation easier but will also provide a range of additional benefits, such as being able to track activity and deal with staff accounts.


Goodbye spreadsheets

For those still stuck using weekly or monthly spreadsheets, an ePOS system could be a revelation for your business. If your ePOS is set up to automatically sync up inventory to reporting then you can get a real time, clear perspective on stock in seconds. No more wasted time trying to locate and understand spreadsheets for previous time periods – the average restaurant could save around six hours a week with an ePOS when it comes to inventory management. Plus, when you start to move away from spreadsheets to an automated system you minimise the potential for human error and increase accuracy rates too.


Essential integration

It’s no secret that online ordering is changing the landscape of the restaurant industry today. Consumers are increasingly looking to eat restaurant quality food at home and there are lots of opportunities for your business if you’re able to cater to this need. However, it can create a lot of additional administration and that’s time consuming. The best way to overcome this is with an ePOS that is set up for integration with third party online ordering so that there is no need for a manual entry stage when the orders come in. Depending on the size of your online ordering market that could save you a full day a week in wasted time.

These are just some of the advantages offered by an ePOS system.

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