Improve your staff training and management with an ePOS system

Staff training and management represent a considerable challenge but one that is essential to the growth and development of a business. Without insights into staff behaviours and performance, and a robust infrastructure for implementation of training and management, many enterprises suffer.

ePOS provides a simple solution with features to support staff development and oversight that are integrated into a system that also has many other benefits, from customer insights to flexible payment collection. These are a few of the ways that an ePOS system can give your training and management measures a boost.

Improved accountability

Most ePOS systems require employee login, which means that every sale is assigned to a member of staff. The data that is generated via ePOS provides complete transparency in terms of who is accountable for what. When employees know that they will be accountable for their actions they are much less likely to fall into bad habits or even criminal behaviours, such as theft.

Built in training

Many ePOS systems have integrated demo features that can be used to make training simpler and faster. Taking the time to train employees in their role always results in more confident and effective staff, especially for those working in a busy environment such as a restaurant.

Transparency on hours worked

ePOS systems contribute to clarity when it comes to payroll, especially with respect to overtime, additional hours worked or where there are multiple employees working lots of peak shifts. That transparency leads to more accurate payroll, which reduces the potential for fraud, mistakes or payment delays.

Tracked tipping

Arguments over tips can be common among restaurant staff and often arise through a lack of transparency. The benefit of an ePOS system is that tipping is tracked and reported, reducing the potential for disputes over how tips were generated and allocated, and staff understand how tipping works.

Motivation and reward

You may have a sense of who the top performers are in your restaurant but with an ePOS system you’ll be able to see in black and white who generates large volumes of sales and who doesn’t. This data can form the basis of strategy to identify ways to better support those who aren’t performing at their best and to recognise and reward those who are leading the way.

Efficient time recording

An ePOS system will usually require employees to log in and out, recording the time that they start work and when they finish. This will enable the business to identify issues such as persistent lateness but also give employees a clear and simple way to track hours worked.

Managing scheduling

Restaurant schedules often need to be fairly fluid and with ePOS this is easier to manage. Any changes are instantly updated in scheduling and it’s easy to see who is due to be working when.

Staff training and management doesn’t need to be a headache, no matter how large or small your business. An ePOS system can help to build an infrastructure for better operations and more motivated staff. Contact Comtrex’s ePOS experts today to find out more about how ePOS could help you to improve your staff training and management.

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