Is your ePOS encouraging business growth?

An ePOS system can help to drive sales and support more efficient operations that reduce waste and increase revenues. However, not all ePOS systems are the same and many businesses today are stuck with outdated versions that simply aren’t delivering. If you’re looking to improve growth, and are keen for your ePOS to help you achieve this, there are a number of signs that your existing system may not be providing the support that your business needs to get ahead.

Is your revenue increasing?

There are so many ways in which an ePOS system can help to improve revenue, from pop up selling opportunities to upselling of dishes. The way that an ePOS enables your enterprise to use data can also provide some crucial advantages. For example, you’ll be able to see which dishes are the slowest moving and update ordering to avoid waste. You’ll also be able to adjust staff scheduling to align with peak times and see which dishes make the most profit and should be prioritised. There are so many ways to reduce cost and improve revenue with an ePOS – if you’re not currently achieving this it might be time for change.

Customer experience

If your existing ePOS is slowing down the point of sale, as opposed to making it more efficient, then it is likely to be impeding business growth. Some systems require a lot of data entry, can’t handle complex orders and have no time saving features. The end result is that customer experience suffers and business growth slumps.

Integration opportunities

An ePOS system has enormous potential to help improve efficiency and reduce waste but a level of integration is required in order to achieve this. Integration with other functions, from finance and accounting through to staff management and payment services enables your business to get the kind of perspective that drives business growth. Limited integration can stifle growth by restricting functionality.

Staying up to date with evolving technologies

Technology is developing at a fast pace today and, while you don’t always need to have the latest version or model of everything, there are advantages for any business in being up to date. Your ePOS provider can help support business growth with communication about the latest hardware, software updates or new integration opportunities. It’s also important to work with an ePOS partner that is continuing to develop their product so that the technology you’re reliant on doesn’t hold back growth by being out of date.

No versatility

There are many reasons why you may want to make changes to your ePOS throughout the course of a year, from adapting floor plans to creating special menus. Your ePOS system should be versatile enough to make this simple so that the smallest changes don’t become a lengthy exercise that wastes time and resources.

If any of the above seem familiar then it may be that your current ePOS system is not encouraging business growth but standing in the way of it. A simple upgrade of your existing system could be all you need to start achieving more.

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