Taking ordering into the digital age with handheld ePOS

Customer experience is crucial to building successful ongoing relationships with consumers. Investing in technology that will enable your business to increase efficiency and cater to key customer needs is at the heart of delivering a truly positive experience. In the restaurant industry the handheld ePOS offers opportunities for any business to upgrade existing operations and do more for customers in a cost effective way.


Ordering and the digital age

Technology has created a whole new set of customer expectations today when it comes to ordering. Consumers expect speed and convenience and that often means they’re not keen to wait around or to go up to a static point of sale position, either to place an order or to pay. They may have allergies or specific tastes in food and frustrations can arise when extra menu information is difficult to come by. Increasingly frequently customers have a very low tolerance for mistakes with an order, especially with respect to forgotten dishes or items that are incorrectly charged on the bill.


How does handheld ePOS help to take ordering into the digital age?

  • Mobile and wireless. Teams using a handheld ePOS can move easily between tables and customers don’t have to get out of their seats to place an order or ask a question. The major advantage of this when it comes to the customer experience is that it speeds up the process of ordering so that customers get food faster. Orders can be taken quickly and are sent directly to the kitchen to be prepared.
  • Information at your fingertips. Whether it’s identifying which dishes have allergens in or being able to provide up to date information about any sold out items on the menu, a handheld ePOS puts this data at the fingertips of your serving team. Consumer questions can be answered on the spot and there is no frustrating waiting time in between information being requested and orders placed.
  • Reducing the potential for mistakes. If your staff are using pen and paper for ordering there is a lot that can go wrong. Handwriting can be misread and paper orders can go missing, items can be forgotten and there will be nothing to prompt your team to ask key questions about dining options.
  • A range of payment choices. At the end of a dining experience, settling the bill easily is an important part of the process. If your team is equipped with handheld ePOS this can be done at the customer’s table with payment options available and tools to help break down bills where necessary.
  • Opportunities to upsell. EPOS can be programmed to automate pop ups so that your team doesn’t miss the chance to offer customers an opportunity to enjoy more of their experience, whether that’s trying a new side dish with a favourite main or adding an extra topping to a dessert.

Handheld ePOS is designed for the digital age and has a lot of benefits for any business willing to integrate it. Learn more about our ePOS solutions or give us a call today on 01293 789 500 to discuss your requirements.

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