The Value of Mobile PoS

Did you know the average server walks back and forth to the EPoS system 4 to 5 times per table, just think through your last service…?

  1. Greet the customer and talk through any specials, maybe take the drinks order
  2. Take the food order
  3. Enter the food order
  4. Add additional drinks / desserts
  5. Print off the bill
  6. Cash off the check
  7. Ask your servers and they will agree this takes a lot of their time. 

With a tableside ordering solution you can cut that down – servers can have an OrderPad with them reducing the time spent running back and forth to the EPoS. This allows your servers to focus more on building the relationship with the customer rather than worrying about getting orders into the system. 

Improve service and turn tables faster – isn’t this what we are here for?

By using a mobile PoS solution it can help you turn tables by 15-20%, this means 15% more sales helping you get more revenue out of each table, server, kitchen and ultimately your restaurant. How does this all add up? We can eliminate the time spent walking back and forth to the EPoS solution but there is other time savings to be made. Each order is getting to the kitchen 3-5 minutes quicker so the customers are getting their food 3-5 minutes quicker and the table is being turned quicker.

The mobile ordering solution doesn’t stop there; it can be used as an upselling tool ensuring your servers ask the right questions to generate more profit as well as giving them information on allergens and specials for the day.

The return on investment makes the solution pay for itself. 

Comtrex can provide two styles of mobile ordering solutions; the first is the OrderPad which is a tableside ordering solution designed to replace the pen and paper and speed up the time taken for orders to be sent to the kitchen / drinks dispenser. It also allows your servers to upsell key menu items and drive more profit into your business. Our OrderPad solution works on the internal Wi-Fi but where you find blackspots our solution will continue to work rather than buffer ensuring the solution works with orders being sent once Wi-Fi signal is restored.

The second offering is a fully functional mobile PoS solution called Orderman. This solution works from an RFID signal and is a fully functional PoS system able to take orders, cash off checks and print bills.

To find out more about how a mobile ordering solution from Comtrex can deliver a return on investment for your restaurant, or to arrange a live demonstration, get in touch on  01293 789 500.

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