The future of POS: What can we expect?

Technology is driving the hospitality industry to evolve in newer and more exciting ways all the time. Ongoing innovation provides a wealth of opportunities for reducing costs and improving the customer experience. As a central part of customer service, POS is incredibly important to the restaurant trade today and this is one of the areas where technology is generating real change. So what can we expect from the future of POS?


Alexa, order room service

We’re all beginning to get used to giving voice commands to Alexa at home and now this type of voice activated system is being integrated into hospitality too. In 2018, Amazon launched Alexa for Hospitality, designed to seamlessly fit with existing processes to provide ways for the hospitality industry to use voice command technology to improve customer experience. The first of these innovations has been to install it into hotel rooms to allow automatic room service ordering but this is just the start of what the technology could do.


Integrating virtual reality

Some of the most forward thinking restaurants are already using a virtual reality (VR) approach to enhance customer experience, such as the VR dining concept, TREE by NAKED, brought to you by artist Ryotaro Muramatsu in Japan. However, it’s not just in terms of customers where VR can be useful. It may also have a part to play in planning, strategy and training too.


The expansion of apps

Apps have much to offer the restaurant sector. Bespoke business apps can provide opportunities for booking management, customer engagement and optimising loyalty opportunities with features such as digital points system and integrated QR codes. Apps are also being used by third party platforms to enable restaurants to add a take out function to their service – the Deliveroo and UberEats apps, for example, deliver food prepared by local restaurants without their own takeaway service, cost effectively opening up an entirely new revenue stream.

Self service options

While digital menus are not entirely new, the technology that supports a self-service option is fast evolving to make this more viable for every restaurant today. There are obvious cost and efficiency savings in allowing customers to manage their own order from their table. Revenues can be increased as a result of automated up-selling and a rise in customer satisfaction from consumers having the power at their fingertips. Plus, digital menu are much easier to update too.


Evolving back office management

The future of POS will also include further development of the infrastructure and systems available to help save time and money when it comes to restaurant processes. Better stock management is already something that is available with the right technology and further opportunities for optimisation and integration are likely to appear in the near future. Other key operational processes, from managing orders to handling staff scheduling are also likely to continue to evolve to be more efficient and less draining in terms of costs and time.

POS technology has already come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, offering a wealth of new opportunities for businesses to do more with less. It’s like to continue to be an exciting pioneer at the cutting edge of reforming the hospitality industry in the years to come.

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