The science behind handheld POS systems

Handheld POS systems have a lot of benefits. They can deliver efficiency improvements and make life a lot easier for your staff. The data they generate can be fed back into strategy and planning and you’ll also find that customers appreciate the increased range of payment options this type of technology provides. The science behind the handheld POS system isn’t complicated and can open the door to much better and more effective service.


Integrating handheld POS

The science behind the handheld POS is very simple – it’s a mobile option for staff to use, both at the point of taking orders and also when it comes to processing payments. The technology varies, from the simplest systems that facilitate order and payment to those that also provide other functions, such as alerts for upselling opportunities and accessing menu data, such as information about allergens. Restaurants using handled POS tend to turn tables up to 20% faster than those that don’t have this technology for a number of reasons:

  • Avoiding queues during busy hours. Taking payments at tables can significantly reduce waiting times for customers who have finished and are ready to leave.
  • Reducing delays between order stages. For example, using a handheld POS to communicate an order to the kitchen could save 4-5 minutes, as the server doesn’t have to physically transport the order. This, in turn, could reduce the time it takes for the order to get to the table and the table to be freed up for the next diners.
  • Minimising server journeys. Without handheld POS the average server could make five individual journeys to each table, often to complete processes that could have been dealt with in one go with a mobile device. These processes can be combined with handheld POS e.g. taking and entering orders become one stage and payment and receipt printing are combined too.


The other benefits

  • Facilitating loyalty schemes. A handheld system can help to get customers involved in loyalty programmes – in fact mobile POS increases sign ups by up to 10 times as compared to other more traditional methods. Loyalty schemes not only help to create repeat custom but can also provide essential insight into who your customers are and what they really want from your business via the data they generate.
  • Building authentic relationships with customers. Handheld POS enables better service and can contribute to stronger relationships within which consumers are happy to spend more on each visit. As a result, return on any investment made in this technology tends to be high, as not only is spend per table increased when this type of system is in place but it also contributes heavily to whether or not customers are likely to return.

The handheld POS is not rocket science – in fact, it is technology that has been designed to directly address the very simple needs of customers: great service, easy payment and a positive experience. It can provide a firm foundation on which to begin to build a restaurant business out and on to greater things.

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