Transforming the hospitality industry with effective technology

As technology becomes further integrated into all of our lives, this has had a significant impact on the way that customers interact with brands in the hospitality sector. It has created certain expectations as to service and payment options and also gives businesses within the industry some very effective tools to get ahead. In terms of the impact that technology is having on hospitality there are three key ways in which it is transforming the sector.


1. New options for utilising data

In days gone by technology such as ePOS provided a very basic service – point of sale technology and nothing else. Today, however, the most effective technology goes a lot further, collecting and harnessing data and integrating systems to enable analysis of a business and its customers that can be crucial for making effective strategic decisions. With the right technology today it’s possible to drill down into the heart of the data that is being generated by the business and its interactions with customers. Analysis of this data can be channelled into everything, from marketing strategy and customer loyalty schemes through to stock management and menu design. Key to this is that technology such as ePOS can be used to optimise data to make decisions that increase profit.


2. Time saving solutions

Many of the manual processes that have traditionally been part of the hospitality industry can now be automated thanks to the application of clever technology. It’s much easier to save time and resources today using centralised management options that make it simple to control everything, from updating menus through to overseeing staff scheduling. Tech-enabled transparency and accountability with respect to staff shifts and the way that cash travels through the business mean it is easier to see where there are issues or inefficiencies and to save time on essential processes. Investment in technology can help to reduce the burden on management and minimise wasted time.


3. Improving the customer experience

Given that customer experience is at the heart of brand loyalty, one of the most exciting opportunities that technology presents is being able to improve this for every consumer who comes into contact with the brand. Hand held ordering, for example, provides opportunities to improve speed and accuracy of service and to give servers information at their fingertips that they may otherwise have to leave a customer to obtain. Faster ordering and faster payment – with a wider range of payment options – mean there is less waiting around for customers who also have more choice then it comes to settling up. There are also opportunities for personalising customer experiences with technology, offering self-service channels and giving servers the chance to suggest options and alternatives to customers to upsell. Any business that is serious about customer experience today necessarily needs to be investing in technology to ensure service is the best it can possibly be.

The hospitality industry is being transformed in many ways by technology. A system such as ePOS can provide opportunities to find new ways to improve efficiency and performance, as well as to connect with your customer in a more meaningful way.

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