Using an ePOS to promote business growth

No matter what stage your business is at, healthy growth is going to be essential to progress and achieving key goals. From pop ups to well established restaurants, there are enormous benefits in working with an ePOS system that is designed to enable your business to do more. Generic or off the shelf solutions may cause more issues than they solve while a flexible and intuitive system can help to promote progress.


Why does your choice of ePOS matter?

  • The wrong technology can stifle growth. Restrictive technology can hamper the expansion of a fast growing venture, particularly if it can’t cope with spikes in demand or respond to the need to scale.
  • A poor ePOS may negatively impact the service your customers receive. If you’re constantly dealing with downtime or the ePOS system you’re using is confusing for staff then you may find that this affects customer service, which damages reputation and future business.
  • No return on ROI. A generic or off the shelf ePOS option may be limited to basic functionality, making it a capital expense that is difficult to justify in the long term.


How can you use ePOS to promote business growth?

The right ePOS will not only make daily operations easier and more efficient but also nurture the development of your business. There are a number of key features that are necessary to ensure you’re getting this level of support.

  • Fast and scalable. It’s essential to work with a system that can grow as your business does. Choose an ePOS that is simple to scale as your business begins to expand and which can adapt to a larger and more complex business model. Equally as important will be the speed at which the system operates – if you want to provide a smooth, efficient service to your customers then a fast ePOS will be essential.
  • Proactive support. The best way to ensure that you optimise your investment in an ePOS system is to work with a provider offering proactive support to your business. This will be crucial not just during the implementation phase but also when it comes to troubleshooting any issues that may arise at any point in the growth of your business.
  • Centralisation and synchronicity. This is particularly important for businesses operating across several sites – or looking to expand to this kind of reach. An ePOS that centralises functions such as inventory and offers synchronised updates of features – e.g. menu changes - can save a lot of time and effort.
  • Data handling and reporting. With a comprehensive ePOS in place you can do a lot more with the data that your business generates and use this to support expansion. The ability to generate reports and forecasts that provide more insights into your business and customers could be a key factor in driving greater growth.

An ePOS is a business critical tool that can do a lot more for your business than simply process orders and payments. It can influence the service you offer and provide key perspective on how you can reach the goals that you set for development and growth.

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