Using technology to attract (and retain) new customers

The use of smart phones among consumers continues to rise. We are becoming increasingly reliant on devices and technology for everything, from booking a flight to trying on clothes online. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that there is evidence to suggest that consumers are more likely to choose a restaurant where technology has been cleverly integrated. Customers understand the benefits that technology can offer to any business and expect those that they choose to buy from to be tech-savvy so that those advantages can be passed on to consumers. So where can you use technology in your business to make this happen?


Improving service

Operationally, technology has a huge amount to add for any restaurant today. There are many efficiency improvements available via the use of an ePOS system, for example. Orders can be taken swiftly at the table and delivered in real time to the kitchen. The use of a device to take orders can mean that there are fewer mistakes and less potential for human error. The experience that the diner enjoys is faster, more effective and more focused on them – handheld devices enable staff to interact more with customers and spend more time with them. Service can be a huge differentiating factor when it comes to whether customers will come – and return – to a restaurant and technology such as ePOS can be used to make this happen.


Expanding a service offering

One of the main ways in which an existing offering can be expanded in the restaurant sector today is by providing food delivery. Delivery used to be out of the question for many businesses simply because of the costs and logistics involved. However, now that Deliveroo and Uber Eats have connected up customers and restaurants that haven’t traditionally delivered this has changed the delivery landscape. A large number of diners today want to have restaurant quality food delivered to their homes. Adding this to your business offering via technology that allows your to work with businesses such as Deliveroo or Uber Eats can open up a whole new market of new and returning diners.


Word of mouth

Attracting new customers via those who have already eaten with you is a tried and tested way to expand your market. In the era of online reviews this has gone into overdrive. Today, consumers trust what they read online, especially the younger generations (almost two thirds of Millennials believe online reviews) so investing in websites where these reviews appear, as well as in social media curation is key. If any more proof of this was necessary, a recent study found that reviews generally produce around an18% uplift in sales. Technology has given any business the opportunity to amplify the power of word of mouth to find and retain customers with minimal investment involved.

Technology is a great leveller and means that enterprises across the restaurant industry can be more creative when it comes to increasing audience share. From investing in tech such as ePOS to taking the time to nurture online reviews to create digital brand advocates, there are some very tangible benefits to bringing more technology on board.

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