What areas of your restaurant business can be streamlined using ePOS?

ePOS systems have a lot to offer every business, from those that are very well established to new start-ups and SMEs. ePOS infrastructure provides the opportunity to streamline key processes within your restaurant business and leave more time for the tasks and functions that can stimulate real growth, from creative planning through to fostering a positive business culture. These are the key areas where ePOS can really make a difference.

Stock management

If you’re looking for a complete stock control solution you’ll find it with point of sale and inventory software. The opportunities for streamlining what can be time consuming and laborious stock control processes are endless, including stock counts, ordering, costing recipes, matching up invoices and menu planning. There’s even a predictive ordering wizard to help avoid over ordering.

Workforce organisation

ePOS provides the tools for better management of staff, from organisng schedules through to monitoring performance. Intuitive design means that smart additional functions are built in to deliver data at the right time – so, for example, publishing a rota means that a timesheet that includes wage costs is automatically generated. Organise everything, from hours and performance reviews, to absences and holidays from one single place.

Cash handling

ePOS makes all the essential elements of cash handling in your business simpler and more efficient. From instant real time reconciliation through to online cash up and sales that are automatically uploaded, working with ePOS significantly reduces the amount of time you’ll need to dedicate to cash handling. You’ll also have more perspective, with the ability to see all transactions in a single cash summary.

Reporting and analysis

Data gathering and analysis has a lot to offer businesses in the restaurant world. From being able to identify the most popular dishes, to keeping an eye on diner numbers and stock control, information that provides perspective is the first step towards a more efficient business structure. ePOS provides instant access to up to date data from any device with the option to sort and compare data to glean key insights that will be crucial to more effective decision making.

Creative menu planning

Creative dish design is crucial to the success of your business. However, it’s not just about getting the taste and aesthetics right but the costing and potential for success too. With ePOS it’s much more straightforward to create and plan an exciting menu with an innovative menu creator function that has functions such as costing up recipes before dishes are created and even estimating cooking time and predicting sales. You’ll also be able to see which dishes are already the most profitable and use that insight in how your menus develop.

Meeting your obligations

ePOS makes it simpler to stay on top of legal responsibilities. In particular, the technology enables you to track 14 key allergens so that you always have an up to date perspective on where they are used in your menu.

These are just a few of the benefits that ePOS offers when it comes to streamlining your business. We have been designing, developing and supplying ePOS to restaurants for over 30 years – get in touch to find out more about how this technology could support your business growth.

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