What does the future of restaurant tech involve?

Restaurant tech is evolving fast and taking the industry to new levels of efficiency and service. As we begin to integrate technology infrastructure right across the sector, the way in which it is being applied is becoming more sophisticated and exciting. So, what does the development of restaurant tech involve for those in this fast moving industry?


Electronic Point of Sale (ePOS)

For many restaurants, ePOS already provides a crucial infrastructure for business operations. Its functionality can improve efficiency and streamline the process of handling customers, as well as the communication between kitchen and front of house. As this technology develops it’s likely that we will see much more integrated functionality so that ePOS systems are connected to every aspect of the business, from booking to marketing.

The other big development for ePOS is mobile – more businesses than ever now use ePOS via mobile devices. In the coming years we’ll see these devices evolve to be lighter and faster, with more offline capability and even incorporating artificial intelligence to improve service.


Bringing booking in-house

Many customers still use third party booking apps and systems to reserve a restaurant table. The negative consequences of this for a restaurant can be anything, from high numbers of no-shows through to the cost of the commission that the third party app takes.

So, we’re already seeing many restaurants using technology to bring the booking process in-house. This not only enables restaurants to retain control of data and branding but also provides a way to improve service – for example, a pre-order functionality can be offered so that drinks await the customer on arrival.


Improving customer experience

Front of house restaurant tech can have a big influence over the experience that customers have. Already, we are seeing the introduction of at-table feedback in many restaurant chains. It’s surprising how many customers are willing to provide their thoughts on their experience at the point at which it’s happening – and 30% will also leave an email address for future contact. Another development involves the evolution of the pager.

New pager systems mean that customers can call for service wherever their server is in the restaurant. Rather than trying to flag someone down as they walk by, all it takes is a pager call. Developing tech is all about listening to customers and finding out what it is that they need from the restaurant experience – as well as ensuring first class service. It’s likely that front of house innovation will continue with this in mind.


Kitchen management

Effective kitchen management – integrated with a strong ePOS – can reduce waiting time for customers and provide real time insights into everything, from wait times to stock management. As more restaurants start to offer delivery too, the need for a kitchen management system that effectively handles various streams, from on-site to incoming orders, is increasingly essential.

Kitchen management systems will become more customisable to an individual business, venture into the territory of menu engineering, and also provide more opportunity for integration and analysis as time goes on.

The future of restaurant tech is all about improving efficiency and giving customers a better experience. It has the potential to transform many businesses right across the sector.  Find out more about POS management today by giving the Comtrex team a call on 01293 789 500.

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