What is the point of Point of Sale Technology for the hospitality sector?

Point of Sale (POS) technology has always been a key part of the relationship between customer and brand in the hospitality sector. From the days of cash-only, to the mobile payments of today, there has always been a need for a way to manage the transactional element of POS. As technology evolves and systems become smarter, there is a lot more that a POS system can offer to businesses in the hospitality sector than simply taking payments.

Payment via devices

There already exist options for payment through smart phones and consumers are quick to catch on. Apple Pay, for example, currently has a 70% share of global card payment volume and was activated more than a million times in its first three days of operation. POS technology makes payment simpler and faster in hospitality, reducing the need for cumbersome cards that can get lost, and accommodating lifestyles. The next step? Cloud connection of electric vehicles. Many predict that one of the next steps in POS technology will be seamless payments for consumers who are authenticated for purchases through their car.

More than just taking payments

Augmented Reality (AR) is predicted to change the function of POS even further, making this type of technology not just a way to facilitate transactions but a gateway to augmented service and better brand interactions. For example, it could enable food trucks to provide customers with menus on their phones or the ability to order straight from the camera view, instead of queuing, as well as providing hotel managers with a broader spectrum of options for customer management. Combining technology such as AR and POS gives businesses a much wider range of choice when it comes to how they interact with their customers.

Ever-faster service

There has been a significant improvement in service levels in hospitality from something as simple as restaurants moving from pen and pad ordering systems to using ePOS to transmit orders to the kitchen. POS technology is continually evolving to make service more seamless and enjoyable for the consumer, integrating the latest cutting edge developments. Voice ordering is likely to take POS to another level, providing options for improving service levels even further by automating certain processes, even enabling devices, such as cars, to do the ordering on a customer’s behalf. Fast casual restaurants and drive thrus in particular will be able to integrate this to deliver an enhanced verification, payments and loyalty experience.

Frictionless payments

POS is evolving by the day with biometrics the next step in an increasingly more frictionless payments process. A biometric POS could enable customers to check out of a hotel or leave a restaurant as soon as they’ve finished eating or sleeping without waiting around for a bill or wait staff to serve them. “Always on” biometric authentication will automatically handle a seamless payment process instead.

The point of POS technology has always been about enabling easier transactions for customers. Integration of cutting edge tech could give it a much more significant role in brand and customer interactions in years to come. Give Comtrex a call today on 01293 789 500.

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