What makes Comtrex stand out from other ePOS suppliers?

Comtrex is a business designed around technology that supports restaurants into better growth and more efficient working practices and processes. However, while this technology has delivered results time and again for our customers what really makes our business stand out from other ePOS suppliers is service. We provide support to our customers from the moment you decide to partner with us – and this continues throughout the ongoing relationship. Few other ePOS suppliers have developed the kind of support network that we are able to offer.

Save time, money and give your customers more

Comtrex ePOS technology offers smart solutions to many of the issues that have historically held businesses back in the restaurant industry. From the time it takes to manually take orders and collect payments, to the issues that can arise with theft or stock management, our ePOS technology provides a simple and adaptable method for upgrading operations to make the experience better for customers. There are many advantages to investing in this technology, including the impact an increase in service can have on customer loyalty, as well as the engagement of the workforce. However, despite the benefits that our ePOS technology offers to those in the restaurant industry, that’s not where the Comtrex approach ends.

Comprehensive customer support

Just as we understand that providing great service can create strong relationships between restaurants and consumers, we also know how important these relationships are with our own customers. That’s why Comtrex stands out from other ePOS suppliers by providing a comprehensive level of support that starts with the decision to partner with us and goes on from there. If you decide to integrate Comtrex ePOS into your business you’ll find that our team is always on hand to help.

  • First contact. Get in touch with queries or to ask questions about our systems and we’ll take the time to talk you through your options. Our team will be able to explain ePOS software and ePOS hardware options and to identify which is likely to be the best solution for the individual needs of your business.
  • Onboarding. When you’ve decided to use our ePOS the backing doesn’t stop there. We’ll support you through the entire process of bringing you on board and ensure that you have a seamless experience. If any issues arise at this stage we’ll ensure they are quickly dealt with to avoid downtime or service interruption.
  • Ongoing support. Comtrex doesn’t sever the relationship as soon as you’ve purchased our product – we provide ongoing support via an extensive network that is the largest in the industry. Our customer helpline is available 8am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 12pm on Sundays. If we can’t deal with the issue over the phone we’ll send a member of our team to handle it – we use tracking systems so we’ll always be able to find the person nearest to you who can help.

While there are many businesses that offer ePOS technology, none has the unrivalled support that you’ll get by partnering with Comtrex.

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