What types of ePOS are utilised in the restaurant industry and which are best for you?

ePOS systems have the power to transform business operations in the restaurant industry. They provide seamless integration for many of your restaurant’s daily functions and have the potential to make everything, from ordering to stock control, much more efficient and transparent. There are a number of different types of ePOS systems used across the restaurant industry and each one has benefits to offer.

Front of House

A front of house ePOS system can help to make sense of issues that could otherwise arise with chaotic ordering, seating or billing and may prove difficult to resolve. In the restaurant industry it’s common to see a front of house ePOS system with a simple touch screen and Mag Swipe Reader with integrated Fingerprint Reader. Many front of house systems have been specifically constructed so as to be fan-less to reduce problems with dirt or debris being sucked into the terminal, triggering downtime. An easy to use interface and customisable elements will be essential.

Back Office

If you’re looking to organise back office functions in your restaurant then an ePOS system will be a useful tool. This can cover a wide range of functions, from cash and business intelligence analysis, through to stock management and menu planning. The advantage of a back office ePOS is that it helps to improve the customer experience while also introducing efficiency into some of the most important functions of the business. The overall result is streamlined systems and a simplicity that helps to maximise profitability.

Hand Held Ordering

A hand held ordering system is a much more impressive and organised alternative to the traditional pen and order pad. It can have a positive impact on customer experience by reducing the potential for mistakes or wrong orders taken. Hand held ordering also simplifies things for your staff so that they can be more effective and focus on customer service. Plus, hand held devices can communicate orders instantly, improving service speed.

Kitchen Screen

The kitchen screen ePOS has some real benefits right across the business, giving front of house staff access to real-time production information and enabling management to analyse and report on a wide range of elements of kitchen production. This type of system is ideal for improving consistency and communication between the kitchen and other parts of a restaurant business.

Chip and Pin

Chip and Pin is a very recognisable way for customers to make payments and is popular because it is robust, fast, secure and simple. Customers can pay in their seat or up at the counter and transactions take only around five seconds to process.

Mobile Payments

An ePOS system for mobile payments makes life easier on many levels. Customers can pay direct from their mobile devices and don’t have to wait around for the bill. Staff spend less time on bill processing, as the bill appears on the customer’s phone in real time. Mobile payments are simple and secure and notifications of payments reduce instances of unpaid bills.

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