Which ePOS solution is right for my restaurant?

ePOS systems provide businesses in the restaurant sector with the opportunity to revolutionise operations. From more effective stock control through to improving the service provided to customers, integrating ePOS solutions give any restaurant business options when it comes to making improvements and doing more, both internally and for customers. With the wealth of different ePOS solutions available, which one is going to be right for what you do?


Issue: communication with the kitchen

Solution: kitchen screen ePOS

The kitchen screen ePOS speeds up communication between front of house and the kitchen, enabling orders to be dealt with more quickly and having a positive knock on impact on customer service. It also gives front of house staff real time access to product information that could be especially essential for diners with specific preferences or allergies.


Issue: slow payments frustrating customers

Solution: chip and PIN or mobile payments

Customers today expect swift and efficient payment taking as part of their dining experience and ePOS solutions can enable any business to provide that. Rather than expecting customers to queue to pay, chip and PIN ePOS enables payments to be taken at the table – or wherever is convenient for them. Chip and PIN is well established as reliable and secure and is trusted by customers the world over.

For businesses looking to take this to the next level, mobile payments offer even more convenience. An ePOS solution that enables mobile payments means customers can simply use their smart phones to make payments. Notifications ensure bills don’t go unpaid and staff are freed up to add value elsewhere.


Issue: problems with orders

Solution: handheld ordering

A pen and notepad provide a simple and low cost way for staff to take orders from customers. However, there are also many issues that can arise with this option. Illegible writing can lead to mistakes and paper can be lost or damaged – the end result of any of this is always going to be unhappy customers. Handheld ePOS solutions minimise the potential for order mistakes, enable staff to move about and focus on customer service and reduce the time it takes to get an order to the kitchen.


Issue: chaotic service

Solution: front of house ePOS solutions

From seating booked diners to dealing with walk-ins, facilitating swift ordering and handling payment processing, the right front of house ePOS system can bring order to chaos in a restaurant environment. It’s essential to choose a solution that will be robust in the face of tough conditions, for example systems without fans reduce downtime that can arise when dirt or debris is sucked into the system.


Issue: lack of operational organisation

Solution: back office ePOS solutions

Back office ePOS solutions help to bring organisation to operations, which always has a positive knock on impact on customer service. There are many ways in which an ePOS system can do this, from business intelligence analysis through to stock management.

The right ePOS system can have an impact right across the business, from front of house to general operations. It’s an investment that will always deliver results.

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