Why go for a bespoke ePOS rather than an off-the-shelf solution?

An ePOS solution has a wealth of advantages for a restaurant business today. However, not every ePOS provides the same benefits in terms of efficiency and functionality. In particular, the differences between a bespoke and an off-the-shelf solution can be quite stark. If you’re looking to add or upgrade ePOS for your business, why would you choose to go for bespoke?


Why ePOS has become so essential

An ePOS system is becoming a baseline standard for most businesses today. It doesn’t only provide opportunities to improve customer service and enhance the experience that consumers have of your brand but it can also help to make an enterprise more efficient and open doors to more targeted marketing. These are just a few of the reasons why an ePOS is so essential today:

  • Customers expect it. More and more customers today opt for contactless payment methods and expect to have the choice of being able to pay electronically. From Apple Pay to contactless credit card payments, an ePOS system can help to ensure your business meets the expectations of its diners.
  • Speeding up the payment process. Service standards are getting faster – today, no one expects to wait around and if your business isn’t able to provide swift service then you’re likely to lose customers to the competition that can.
  • Benefits across the business. An ePOS system is not just designed for service, it has a range of other advantages too. For example, it provides a simple pathway to better inventory management, helping to reduce waste and improve the way your business orders and handles stock. The data collected by an ePOS can be integrated with a loyalty scheme to generate insight into customer behaviours and preferences. Plus, you can get more transparency on your menu and audience with ePOS, including the most popular dishes and when customers prefer to dine.


The benefits of a bespoke ePOS

Perhaps the biggest benefit of opting for a bespoke ePOS, as opposed to an off-the-shelf solution is that it is designed specifically for your business. Your business is completely unique. From the way that you handle stock, to the marketing strategy that you’ve developed and the benchmarks you’ve defined for customer service, it’s simply not like every other restaurant out there. An off-the-shelf ePOS can provide basic functionality but won’t be able to fully support your enterprise because it won’t be an exact fit. So, why should you consider a bespoke ePOS?

  • It is individually tailored to the specific needs of your business so every function is productive and none are wasted.
  • With an off-the-shelf ePOS it can take a long time to see any real benefits because the technology is generic.
  • Customised installation. Opting for a bespoke ePOS means you’ll also benefit from customised installation so you’ll be up and running straight away.
  • Ongoing support. Few off-the-shelf solutions come with any continuous support but with a bespoke ePOS you’ll have this on an ongoing basis.

It’s hard to argue with ePOS as necessary technology in the restaurant industry today. However, if you really want to ensure that you get the most from an ePOS investment, a bespoke choice is preferable to an ongoing solution.

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