Why invest in an ePOS system?

When looking to grow your restaurant and increase profitability, it’s tempting to focus on areas such as marketing, décor and reliable front of house staff. These are all good strategies, but they often have a one-dimensional impact on the business. Investing in an ePOS system, however, provides opportunities for growth and efficiency right across your restaurant.

At the table 

By allowing servers to take orders on tablets, an agile ePOS system can make huge improvements to customer service levels – and to your restaurant’s reputation. After all, being able to order at the table means no queuing at the bar, and is far more reliable than pen and paper, reducing the possibility of lost or incorrect orders.

With readily available information on ingredients and allergens, serving staff will also be able to respond in an instant to customer queries around recipes. This not only saves time, since there is no need for staff to consult the chef, but it also gives a favourable impression to the customer – demonstrating that allergy sufferers and customers with special dietary requirements are well looked after.

In addition, a handheld ePOS system can also help staff to upsell items to diners, perhaps by suggesting side dishes that go well with their main, or by promoting dishes that, according to the menu profitability tracker, aren’t selling as well as they ought to be.

In the kitchen

Another benefit is that orders are delivered direct to the kitchen, cutting out any to and fro. A digital ordering system also means that the challenges of reading poor handwriting are a thing of the past. And orders can be printed several times if necessary, making it easier for multiple staff to work on different elements.

As well as efficiencies around ordering, an ePOS system can help the kitchen to plan profitable menus and reduce food waste. The Comtrex system, for instance, has both a stock control application and a menu-planning tool that help kitchen staff to keep track of what they need to order when and which fresh ingredients need to be used before they go out of date.

Management reporting

Being able to track which recipes are most popular can also help the chef with planning future menus and increasing profitability. This is just one of a range of reports which an ePOS system can produce, however. Leveraging cloud technology, management can have comprehensive business intelligence at their fingertips, whether they are on- or offsite, including a real-time overview of sales.

But the benefits don’t stop there. A good ePOS system can also significantly improve the dining and payment experience in your restaurant, giving customers easy access to a range of payment options from their table. Staff productivity can also be improved with an ePOS system, freeing them up from time-consuming tasks like manual reconciliation of the cash register, or dealing with incorrect food orders.

In summary, the right ePOS system has the potential to transform your business – from front of house all the way through to the back office.

To discover how your restaurant could grow and become more profitable by installing an agile ePOS system, get in touch with Comtrex on  01293 789 500.

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