Why is the customer experience so important in the UK food sector?

Customers provide the foundation for success in many industries – but especially the UK food sector. Building up a base of loyal customers who will return repeatedly and act as brand advocates for the business can elevate your enterprise to new heights. However, achieving that kind of commitment can be tough. At the heart of it all is the degree to which you manage to deliver a positive customer experience.


Customer experience today

The way customers engage with the UK food sector has changed significantly over time. Today, mere staff politeness is not enough to distinguish one brand from another – what is required to achieve customer loyalty is a high quality customer experience. The expectations that consumers have of UK food sector brands are much higher than they used to be. It’s important to recognise the essential nature of the sentiment behind the idea that “the customer is always right” but also to be able to deliver something fresh and new through every interaction.


Why is customer experience so important?


It creates loyalty

Consumers will return to brands that have provided a positive and satisfying customer experience.


Customer experience can drive growth

When a brand achieves the right kind of experience, customers are engaged and this will deliver the energy and results that the business needs to go further and do more.


It helps to secure ongoing relationships

Mastering customer experience enables a business to sell to consumers without this being the focus of the interaction. This lays the foundation for a mutually beneficial ongoing relationship that ensures both parties enjoy a positive outcome.


Innovation and creativity in staff are nurtured and encouraged

When the focus is purely on hitting sales targets, a workforce can quickly become demotivated or disengaged. However, when the driving motivation is to create an experience for customers, staff tend to be more creative and use a wider range of skills. This is particularly important because employees are the first point of contact between the business and the customer. The more motivated they are to deliver an experience, the more likely a customer is to engage.


Creating a positive reputation

Customers share the experiences they have had with brands, whether that is online or by word of mouth. Consumers are as likely to share where a customer experience was non-existent as where it was exciting, satisfying and rewarding. So, ensuring a positive customer experience can help to create a sound reputation for a brand. If little care is taken with customer experience this can have the opposite effect, which can be incredibly damaging.

Customer service is as important today as it has ever been. However, consumer expectations have considerably evolved and now those who interact with businesses in the UK food sector are much more likely to expect a memorable experience. Investing in meeting those expectations not only helps a brand to grow but can organically create a whole army of brand ambassadors who attract others to what you do.


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