Why is the future of ePOS all about convenience?

Convenience is king (or queen). This statement applies as much today as it ever has – if not more so, especially in the restaurant world. Consumers have much higher expectations now when it comes to the convenience of their experience with a brand, especially as the technology to enable it is available to any business, large or small. ePOS has many attributes that give businesses the power to transform the experience that customers have with their brand and, as this technology develops, enabling convenience is going to be at the forefront of its growth.


Convenience, right now

ePOS systems are an instant update in terms of restaurant payment technology that can improve the convenience of a customer experience. Today, customers don’t want to have to wait to order or to queue to pay and they expect the need to divide bills for individual diners – or into different currencies – to be accommodated. With ePOS these functions are easy to enable and manage so that customer needs are met and the overall experience is much more satisfying.


The future of ePOS is mobile

Mobile ePOS systems give staff the freedom to move around a restaurant and to interact with customers at their convenience, whether that is checking for allergen ingredients or adding an extra dish to an order. However, that’s not the only mobile element that is shaping the future of ePOS. Customers, too, expect to be able to operate on the move – 69% of consumers who took part in Sage Pay’s 2017 Payments Landscape Report said that they had used mobile payments to pay or receive money in the last six months.

Two years before, just 1% of people had used a mobile wallet or app so the switch to mobile is proving significant and swift. As the contactless payment limit is now £30 it’s essential for restaurant business to be able to accommodate wireless payments. An ePOS system provides the convenience of a wide range of acceptable payment methods – and will continue to evolve as payment methods do - so that customers can handle the bill as they choose.


Efficiency via integration

There are many ways to create more convenience for customers and the integration opportunities offered by ePOS, now and in the future, have great potential. It’s already possible to integrate an ePOS system with something like a loyalty programme, as well as booking systems, online ordering and customer reviews to create better experiences.

Many businesses are also beginning to benefit from the data available via integration with ePOS, which can be used to streamline marketing efforts and improve the accuracy of strategic decision-making. There is great potential for continuing to improvve convenience for customers as ePOS technology is further developed, from integration with Artificial Intelligence, to automation and creating advanced customer profiles based on purchasing habits.

ePOS has a big role to play in the future of the restaurant industry, not just as a way of enabling efficient ordering and payment but ensuring a more convenient customer experience too. The right ePOS can significantly improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty – contact us to find out more.

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