Casual Dining

A message from our customer, Spaghetti House:

"Comtrex are extremely knowledgeable and help and support at every stage making sure that everything they introduce is as seamless and straight forward as possible. The support and service they offer is unparalleled and I would not hesitate in recommending Comtrex to any hospitality business."


Fast, effective and scalable ePOS solution for multi-site restaurants

Stay in control of cash flow and stock across single or multiple sites

Dedicated training and support from our award-winning support team



Fast and efficient ordering and payment processing

The Comtrex ePOS terminal is comes equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor and 4GB of RAM on Windows 10, allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders. Save time and money with our game changing handheld ordering and payment solution. Enjoy the freedom to process a wide range of payments, with the ability to take payments via chip and pin, contactless, and mobile payments.


Manage cash flow and stock with built-in reporting

Our system allows for you to easily keep track of cash flow, stock and more using our detailed reporting. The web-based enterprise reporting system allows you to stay in control from any location, accessing reports from a back office or remote location via computer or mobile device.


Award-winning support and training

With Comtrex, we work with you to ensure a smooth, hassle-free setup. From installation to after-sales, our award-winning support team is there every step of the way to ensure that you can get the best out of your new system. We’ll even deliver training to your team to ensure that you can hit the ground running, as well as highlighting opportunities to increase efficiency and open new revenue opportunities.