Introducing smart terminals that are more than just a pretty interface.

Can you imagine a world without your smartphone? We're guessing the answer is no and that very soon you'll feel the same way about smart terminals.

Stunning design

All in one solution

Accepts all major payment types

Truly mobile

Built in security

Reporting and control

Stylish, compact payment system
This attractive, handheld device comes equipped with a quad-core processor, allowing for quick and seamless processing through Wi-Fi or high-speed mobile network. Discover the power of a smart and fully integrated device which is small enough to fit in an apron.

Integrated Comtrex mobile POS
Imagine having a mobile version of your POS which is small enough and light enough for your staff to carry around on their person. By loading our POS onto the device, we remove the necessity for additional hardware and allow you to experience a range of advantages.

Elavon's leading acquiring solution
Make payments simple with Elavon's leading acquiring. Whether it's enhancing your chip & pin solution, or exploring options like NFC contactless and mobile payments, experience quick and painless transaction processing. All available at the table, thanks to the compact form factor.

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