Quick and convenient transactions with our industry-leading mobile payment device

Complete control over all aspects of your hotel

Easy to use with award winning after-sales support



Create an enjoyable experience for customers

A positive experience is key in hospitality. The ability to create a smooth, convenient experience from check-in to check-out is important to encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. That’s why our ePOS systems are designed to be flexible, fast and easy-to-use, ensuring that your staff can deliver the best experience for your customers without the hassle.


Regain control with detailed analytics

Our ePOS solutions come with Comtrex’s advanced web-based business intelligence solution, allowing you to track the time it takes to fulfil orders, as well as setting up customised reports to keep track and optimise key areas of service. So, whether you’re looking to increase efficiency and cashflow, or create an exceptional customer experience, we make it simple.


Flexible, effective payment and ordering options

Enjoy the freedom to accept a wide range payment and ordering options, from chip and pin to contactless and mobile payments – and that’s not all. With our POS system, you have the flexibility to set up loyalty schemes and promotions which fit your hotel and encourage customer loyalty and enhance revenue opportunities. This allows for a smooth, tailored process for your customers, creating a positive, enjoyable brand experience which encourages loyalty.