Independent Restaurants

The product that the industry has been waiting for...

Introducing our new all-in-one, portable ordering and payment device in parternship with Elavon and Poynt. Imagine having a mobile version of your POS which is small enough and light enough for your staff to carry around on their person. Take orders and process payments quickly and effectively at the table.

Your business is unique. So, your POS should be too.

Comtrex know that a ‘plug and play’ out of the box solution won’t help your business grow.
Comtrex provide custom ePOS solutions designed to help restaurants regain control.

Our solutions are designed to pay for themselves by improving efficiency and profitability.
Speak to our team today to see how Comtrex can help you.


Great quality at an even better price

Everything you need to get started in one place

Easy to use with award winning after-sales support



Everything you need to get started

The Comtrex ePOS terminal is comes equipped with a powerful Quad Core processor and 4GB of RAM on Windows 10, allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders. Process orders effectively and efficiently, reducing queues and enhancing the customer experience. With Comtrex, our ePOS solutions are designed to help you grow, as well as future proofing your business. Our technology helps level the playing field, making the same leading technology that powers chains accessible to independent restaurants.


Freedom to accept a range of payment options with our innovative payment device

Save time and money with our game changing handheld ordering and payment solution. We've partnered with Elavon and Poynt to bring you an innovative handheld device which enables you to enjoy the freedom to take a range of payment options at the table, without the need for a separate payment device. You can accept a wide range of payment options including contactless, Android Pay, Apple Pay, chip and pin and more. We make processing transactions easy, creating an enjoyable experience for your customers and speeding up transactions.


Stress-free setup and management

We understand that your priority is your business. That's why we work with you to ensure that your new POS system delivers all the functionality that you need. Our friendly engineers are there every step of the way to help you get started and ensure a stress-free setup which minimises disruption. So, you can carry on doing what you do best!