The product that the industry has been waiting for...

Introducing our new all-in-one, portable ordering and payment device in parternship with Elavon and Poynt. Imagine having a mobile version of your POS which is small enough and light enough for your staff to carry around on their person. Take orders and process payments quickly and effectively at the table.


Durable, fast and easy-to-use ePOS terminals

Accept a range of payment options

Dedicated training and support from our award-winning support team



Durable, reliable terminals

Our ePOS terminals are feature a rugged cast aluminium design and toughened glass screen, meaning your ePOS is reliable and durable enough to withstand heavy use. Reduce downtime and increase efficiency with state-of-the-art terminals, ideal for creating a reliable, secure POS solution for any pub.


Accept a range of payment options

Save time and money with our game changing handheld ordering and payment device. Our POS solutions allow you to accept a wide range of payment methods and options including chip and pin, contactless, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and more. This allows you to process transactions quickly and conveniently, creating a more enjoyable experience for customers and keeping queues to a minimum, while enhancing revenue opportunities.


Dedicated training and support, every step of the way

Our after-sales support team have won multiple awards for customer service and support, so you know you are in safe hands. From delivering training once the system is set up, to answering any questions you have once the system is running, we’ll make sure that you are happy and comfortable with your ePOS. We’ll even work with you to help you get the maximum value from your system, allowing you to increase efficiency and enhance operations.