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A message from our customer, Zaap Restaurants:

"Comtrex understood our business and provided value add solutions to help drive the profitability of Zaap; the mobile ordering solutions are great at driving sales per head and speeding up the efficiency of our order process. We look forward to rolling out across both our Zaap and Sukhotai brands."


Everything you need to grow your business

Easy to use with award winning after-sales support

Stay in control with detailed analytics and reporting



Create an enjoyable experience for customers

Our ePOS solutions are designed to equip your business for growth. Process orders quickly and effectively with our fast and easy-to-use ePOS terminals, reducing waiting times for customers and creating a smooth, convenient experience, encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business. That’s why our ePOS systems are designed to be flexible, fast and easy-to-use, ensuring that your staff can deliver the best experience for your customers without hassle.


Flexible, effective payment and ordering options

Enjoy the freedom to accept a wide range payment and ordering options, from chip and pin to contactless and mobile payments – and that’s not all. With our POS system, you have the flexibility to set up loyalty schemes and promotions which fit your hotel and encourage customer loyalty and enhance revenue opportunities. This allows for a smooth, tailored process for your customers, creating a positive, enjoyable brand experience which encourages loyalty.


Detailed reporting and analytics

Comtrex have a solid skill in the area of management reporting, business intelligence and analysis. Using SQL Server as the core technology along with integration, reporting and analysis services. We can deliver a web-based enterprise wide business intelligence solution for a fraction of the cost of implementing other solutions. This allows you to generate detailed reports that can help improve operational efficiency and enhance your service from any site, making it easier than ever to monitor performance across multiple sites at once.