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Point of Sale Terminal

Comtrex POS terminals offer a rugged cast aluminium design with a toughened glass screen with projective touch overlay. Running Microsoft’s POS-ready operating system means our terminals can be ‘fan-less’ resulting in no dirt or moisture being pulled into the terminal, eliminating downtime due to clogged fans and overheating.

The new PP-9635-PCT-350LED cast aluminium POS terminal operates with an Intel Celeron Quad Cord CPU with 4GB of RAM running Windows 10, offering the speed, durability and stability that a POS terminal in the hospitality industry demands. Terminals come with the Mag Swipe Reader with integrated Fingerprint Reader and a 15” Projective Capacitive Touch Screen as standard.

Point of Sale Software

The Windows-driven restaurant software provides comprehensive easy-to-use features and functionality. Fully customizable and intuitive, the point of sales software is simple to use and easy to learn, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.