The product that the industry has been waiting for...

Introducing our new all-in-one, portable ordering and payment device in parternship with Elavon and Poynt. Imagine having a mobile version of your POS which is small enough and light enough for your staff to carry around on their person. Take orders and process payments quickly and effectively at the table.

Hand Held Ordering

Portable, fast and easy to use, the Comtrex OrderPad is a hand-held mobile POS that works through your Wi-Fi, sending orders from the table to your kitchen replacing traditional pen and paper order-taking methods.

Efficient: The order is seamlessly sent through to the POS and requisitioned so you can spend more time building rapport with your customers.

Foolproof: The simple and intuitive design is simple to use and helps eradicate order input errors.

Profitable: Prompts your servers ask the right up-sell questions to generate more profit as well as giving them useful information like specials for the day.

Reliable: Operates via your internal Wi-Fi and will continue to work in blackspots, sending orders once Wi-Fi signal is restored.

Hand Held Ordering

Whether you take the Honeywell portable hand held or the tablet version of the Comtrex POS you will have a fully functional POS solution running the full range of features and services a fixed POS terminal offers.

Running on a secure and dedicated Wi-Fi network the benefits are endless.

As with the OrderPad you send orders from the table to bar or kitchen increasing the time you spend with your customers and the chance to promote and up sell your menu and specials etc…..